The right-wing Japanese Sankei Shimbun also mentioned the press conference on the suspicion of Democratic Party Congressman Yoon Mi-hyang's Justice Memory Solidarity (Jui-Yeon Jung), and controversy is expected to condemn Koreans.

The Sankei Shimbun, on the 2nd, in a column from Seoul titled'Do you want to continue pursuing Korea?' Insisted.
In the meantime,'excuses','self-justification','correspondence','strong coercion', and'obviousness' are examples of common appearances to Koreans.

Sankei, Japan's leading right-wing newspaper, blatantly criticized Koreans, as issues of conflict between Korea and Japan, such as Japanese imprisoned workers, export regulations, and military information protection agreements (GSOMIA) were still unresolved.

In the case of Senator Yoon, Sankei claimed that "there was a'additional misbehavior' beyond them," and was criticized by citizens.

In addition, lawmaker Yoon, who is being investigated by prosecutors in relation to Jeong-Yeon Yeon's activities, pointed out the problem of not resigning from the National Assembly. "Will I continue to search for it? I can't take my eyes off it."

I finished the column with content that deprecated Koreans and wished to bring down Congressman Yoon from the position of parliament with the power of Korean citizens.

Japan's right-wing media's'suspicious' reports have been criticized for worsening relations between the two countries since the conflict between Japan and Japan deepened due to Japanese export restrictions in July last year.

(Photo = Sankei Shimbun, Yonhap News)