China News Service, June 2 According to the "European Times" reported on June 1, the French government made clear the relevant measures of the second phase of "unblocking" in the form of a decree, which will be implemented from the 2nd. The French government stated that it may partially "close the city" if necessary.

On May 24, local time, in La Grande Motte, southern France, people sunbathing on the beach lie in a clearly marked area to implement social isolation measures.

  According to reports, the decree signed by French Prime Minister Philippe shows that from June 2 on, there will no longer be any distance restrictions on the travel of the entire French people, but the provincial governors have the right to prevent the spread of the virus to the whole province or local provinces if necessary The region re-implemented the "closure". Similarly, shops, schools and religious sites may be closed again when necessary.

  The decree reiterated that the people must strictly abide by the sanitation and epidemic prevention regulations in all places and on all occasions, and maintain social distance.

  The decree also stipulates the reopening of cafes and restaurants in areas where the risk of outbreaks is low. The decree stated that the distance between the tables and tables should be at least one meter, and each table should have no more than 10 guests. Restaurants and cafes in areas with high risk of outbreaks can only use the open-air seats to receive guests.

  In addition, Mayor Hidalgo of Paris announced on May 31 that from June 2 on, cafes, bars and restaurants in the French capital Paris will reopen, but only open-air seats are allowed. He said that cafes, bars and restaurants will be able to occupy part of the public space for free and expand their open-air seats.

  He said, "When possible, public spaces may be sidewalks or parking lots. Some streets may be closed during certain weekends to prevent vehicles from passing, so that there is more space in bars or restaurants."

  The only conditions are that you must register online and abide by the 10 provisions of the Convention, including compliance with epidemic prevention guidelines and cleanliness, you must close the open space at 10 o'clock in the evening, and limit noise to not interfere with nearby residents.

  The mayor of Paris said that he hopes that all this will be "based on the principle of trust", but in case of violation of the convention, he will "issue a ticket" and "revoke the permission to temporarily operate the open seat".