(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) France enters the second phase of "unblocking" restaurants, cafes and other places to resume business

  China News Agency, Paris, June 2 (Reporter Li Yang) French local time entered the second stage of "unblocking" on the 2nd, further relaxing control measures, and restoring business to restaurants, cafes and other places.

  French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his pleasure that restaurants, cafes and hotels resumed business that day. He said that these places are part of French culture and life, and the country will continue to support related industries in the current difficult period. In response to the new outbreak of pneumonia, French restaurants and cafes have been closed for 80 days from March 14.

  At present, in the French epidemic map, the Greater Paris area, including the capital Paris, the overseas province of Mayotte and French Guiana are still listed as "orange areas" that need to be alert to changes in the epidemic, and the rest of France is listed as an epidemic. The "green zone" of relief. The business methods of restaurants, cafes and other places will be differentiated according to "orange area" and "green area".

  According to official requirements, each table in restaurants and cafes can only seat up to 10 people at a distance of one meter. Customers must wear masks when entering and exiting. Restaurants, cafes and bars in the "Orange District" can only open outdoor areas to customers. Paris officially allows the business areas of restaurants and cafes to occupy public spaces such as sidewalks and parking spaces as appropriate.

  The reporter saw in the center of Paris that many restaurants and cafes have resumed business. Due to the hot weather that day, not many people drink coffee in the sun in the city. Well-known restaurants and cafes gathered some popularity as soon as they resumed business. The square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral has been reopened, and people walk from time to time. The restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral is still in progress.

  Traveling in France will not be restricted from the 2nd; however, in the Greater Paris area during commuting peak hours, public transportation is still regulated, and passengers need to bring proof of work to show that they need to travel during peak hours. In addition, meetings with more than 10 people are still prohibited.

  The number of deaths from French New Coronary Pneumonia rose to 28,940 on the 2nd, and 107 new deaths on the 2nd; severe cases dropped to 1,253; there are still 14,208 people hospitalized. Fearing the recurrence of the epidemic, the French government considered extending the health emergency that expired on July 10 for another two months. (Finish)