June 02, 2020 Donald Trump announces he is ready to deploy the army to stop the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American killed by police in Minneapolis, using a law of 1807, the Insurrection Act.

Donald Trump declares himself "a president" law and order "and defines" a disgrace "the protests for the death of George Floyd:" in the last days - he continued - our nation has been held in the grip of professional anarchists, violent bosses, incendiary people , looters, criminals, rioters, antifa and others. "The nation, Trump concluded, needs" security and not anarchy.

"" I will mobilize all federal and local resources, civil and military, to protect law-abiding citizens ", warned the president, and" if a city refuses to act as it is necessary to defend citizens and property of its residents, I will deploy the United States Army and quickly resolve the pro a problem for them. " 

The president therefore reported that he had already ordered the mobilization of "thousands and thousands of heavily armed men, military personnel and law enforcement officers" to stop the violence in Washington DC.

The Insurrection Act gives the President of the United States the power, in exceptional cases, to mobilize the federal army and the National Guard for police duties. This is a measure signed by Thomas Jefferson and last invoked in 1992, to quell protests in Los Angeles after the acquittal of agents who beat African American Rodney King to death. In general, the 'Posse Comitatus Act' of 1878 prohibits the use of police functions on American soil.

After the "law and order" intervention in the Rose Garden of the White House, Donald Trump went on foot to the nearby church of St. John Episcopal, damaged during the protests over the death of George Floyd. Trump then recovered with the Bible in his hand. 

To help Trump get to the church safely, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who were peacefully protesting.