China News Service, June 2 (Xinhua) - According to Australian media reports, Australian News Channel 7 reporter Amelia Brace (Amelia Brace) and video camera Tim Myers (Tim Myers) reported protests outside the White House in Washington At that time, he was attacked by the American Riot Police. Australian Prime Minister Morrison asked the Australian Embassy in the United States to investigate the matter.

  It can be seen in the live video that Tim was hit in the chest by a riot shield, while Emilia was beaten by a baton.

  "You heard us shouting that we are the media...but they don't care. They are indiscriminate now," Emilia said. "They are very violent. They don't care who their target is.

Image source: Australian 7 News Channel video screenshot

  Emilia also expressed her gratitude to Tim, who was "beaten" in the process of protecting her from harm.

  Australian Prime Minister Morrison has asked the Australian Embassy in the United States to investigate the matter and provide further arguments on the government’s concerns.

  It is also reported that the Australian embassy in the United States has contacted the two to confirm their health status.

  According to previous reports, on May 25 in Minneapolis, the United States, African-American man Floyd was suspected of using a $20 counterfeit by a shop owner while shopping at a convenience store. The owner called the police. After the four policemen arrived, although Freud did not show obvious resistance, the police still pushed him to the ground. One of the white policemen, Drake Showan, pressed his neck with his knees for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The police ignored Floyd's struggles and pleadings, and eventually caused him to fall into a coma and sent him to the hospital to rescue him from death. This process was photographed by passersby and spread online.

  For the past few days, the riots caused by the incident have continued to escalate, and there have been protests in at least 140 cities in the United States.