Norwegian pole vaulter Sondre Guttormsen has received attention that he finds hard to believe even to be true.

Second Friday, 20-year-old Guttormsen uploaded to TikTok a video of his failed performance at the pole vault site. The competition performance is from Los Angeles in 2018.

He later also published it on Instagram.

If the video does not appear on your device, you can watch it here.

Norwegian record holder (580) Guttormsen was amazed when the nine-second video had quickly reached a million audience.

- I was completely shocked when I woke up the next morning and noticed that the video had over four million views. Incredibly cool! he told Aftenposten.

The Seamstress can't say why that particular video had become so popular. He has also uploaded other bar videos to TikTok during the Korona era.

- I found that old clip and thought it might be a funny thing. But 15 million views - it's pretty sick.

Of the millions of followers on Instagram, the American 433 and ESPN shared a Norwegian video, which helps explain the popularity of a million Norwegians.