"Other people's shame" and "losing the papers". This is how the PSOE of Torrox ( Malaga ) has branded the attitude of the popular councilor of Haciencia of his Town Hall in a telematic plenary session of the Eastern Commonwealth . In the complaint of the municipal group on Facebook , Paola Moreno can be seen in the window of the video call dressed in a bathing suit and sunglasses and sitting on a deckchair on which she has placed the towel, in the middle of the day at the beach.

"The height of impudence," criticize the Socialists, "attend a plenary session in the Commonwealth, charging around 100 from the beach lounger." "This lady was already known nationally for going to the supermarket to do the shopping and picking up her children from school with a municipal vehicle," they add, "we do not doubt that from the sun will be looking for all the socks that families need, self-employed and companies from the municipality of Torrox to face this crisis derived from Covid-19 ".

The mayor has defended herself in conversation with the newspaper Sur : "I am a mother and a wife, we had a family meal, in which seven people gathered to eat at a beach bar on the beach, I promised my three children, and when The plenary hour has come, at 5:00 pm, I had to decide if I participated, and what I did from the beach, being perfectly attentive all the time to the points being debated. "

"I should not have done it, but I understand that it was an innocent and spontaneous attitude, nothing premeditated, before not participating he preferred to do it from where he was, I don't think there is anything wrong," Moreno added to the Andalusian newspaper.

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