Amid the suspicion of the usefulness of the donation of the Justice and Memory Regiment, Min Mi-hyang, who started his term as a member of the National Assembly, and Democratic Party Democrats took the first step of'play and play' both online and offline.

Senator Yoon, who attended the National Assembly from yesterday (1st), was consistently wearing a butterfly pattern badge symbolizing the grandmother who avoided the comfort women and a camellia badge in honor of the Jeju 4/3 incident. The conversation with the same party member Chung Chung-rae and Lee Soo-jin, who visited the parliament room, was caught on the first day of work, but stayed in the office for two days without attending the general assembly.

Today (2nd), he did not attend the first general assembly held in the morning, but stayed only in his office, Parliament House 530.
The walk on SNS was very different. Rep. Yoon, who opened a new Facebook page on the opening day of the National Assembly, is the first post. "The'Yoon Mi-hyang (Butterfly Fund)' account created in 2012 was opened under a personal name, but it was used exclusively for the purpose of the Butterfly Fund.' "It means that it is not an account."
Today, I also released the contents of the'Cheer Letter' along with the words of thanks to fellow supporters who came to visit and cheered and supporters who celebrated the opening of the National Assembly. The letter from the supporters said, "Don't forget that there are a lot more people cheering on the legislator, and try to do it."

Assemblyman Yoon said, "It is not easy in various situations, but Congressman Hall 530, Yoon Mi-hyang, was busy to do his best and faithfully do his best in the current situation." Revealed.

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(Photo = Yonhap News, Senator Yoon Mi-hyang's Facebook capture)