US black men killed 40 protests in 140 cities in 40 states partially mob June 1 18:59

In the United States, protests against the death of a black man who has been suppressed by police officers have occurred in 140 cities in at least 40 states in the United States .. A 25-day curfew has been issued in 25 cities such as Los Angeles, and local media reports have been since 1968, when Pastor King, who accused of the elimination of racism, was assassinated.

In the U.S., Minneapolis, Minnesota, a protest demonstrating the deaths of a black man who was killed by a white police officer killed him on 25th last month, the New York Times newspaper has reported at least 40 to date. It has expanded to a total of 140 cities in the state, with some reportedly becoming mobs.

In the video of the capital, Washington, demonstrators approach a police officer with a trash can that is on fire, and police are tense as they shoot things like tear gas.

Stores have been raided and cars have been burned in New York and elsewhere, and according to the Wall Street Journal, about 5,000 national troops have been mobilized in 15 states and the capital Washington so far.

Also, at least 25 cities such as Los Angeles have been banned from going out, and the New York Times is so many cities that a ban on nights has been assassinated by Rev. King, who appealed for the elimination of racism. It's been reported since 1968.

The Washington Post also reported that at least five people were killed, including shootings in Indiana and Michigan.

The local media pointed out that the background of the radical protest was that the economy deteriorated due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and there was growing dissatisfaction with people, such as losing their jobs. It has been pointed out that there is.

Meanwhile, President Trump posted on Twitter that the media were inciting hatred, saying that the far left and anarchists were demonstrating protests, referring to the media and opposition parties and the Democratic Party, and political movement I am arguing that that is the case, and there is no prospect of things going to subside.