• It terrified the whole neighborhood in Rome, baby gang stop
  • Monza: 4 baby gang members arrested, accused of 12 knife robberies


01 June 2020 The Carabinieri have arrested three young people, one 17 and two 16 years old, on charges of attempted murder in competition and serious injuries against one of their peers. The young victim is now hospitalized, not in danger of life and will recover thanks to the prompt treatment received.

It all happened last Saturday evening, in the center of Torvaianica, when the three minors met an acquaintance of theirs, a young 18-year-old foreigner who had been resident for some time. A look too many and a few provocative sentences stirred the spirits for which the three boys attacked the victim with kicks and punches, under the startled eyes of some passersby. During the fight, one of the three thugs grabbed a large knife from his pocket and hit the 18 year old with five stab wounds in the back. At that point the three attackers fled on foot through the neighboring streets leaving the victim on the street in a bloodbath.

Provisional was the report to 112 of a passerby who allowed a rapid intervention by a patrol of the Carabinieri of the Torvaianica station and an ambulance that transported the injured to the Sant'Eugenio hospital in Rome. 

The three young men were found by the Carabinieri. One of them had taken refuge at the home of an aunt, in the Municipality of Ardea, always near Rome, where he was still found with his hands and bloody clothes and spontaneously handed over the knife, still bloody, used against the victim. His accomplices, however, have been found in their homes.

They were all subjected to the arrest of a suspect of crime on charges of attempted murder in competition and serious injuries and were accompanied to a Juvenile Penitentiary Institute in Rome.