[Global Network News] According to news from TASS, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved July 1 as the voting date for the amendment to the Russian Constitution.

  Russia originally planned to hold a referendum on constitutional amendments on April 22. However, in view of the impact of the epidemic at the end of March, Putin signed a presidential decree and decided to postpone the referendum to amend the constitution.

  The current Russian Constitution was adopted in 1993. On January 15 this year, Putin proposed to amend the constitution when he delivered state of the nation address to the two houses of the Russian parliament. On January 20, Putin submitted a draft constitutional amendment to the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament). Earlier in March, the Russian State Duma, the Russian Federation Council (the upper house of parliament), and all 85 Russian federal bodies voted to pass the draft.

  According to Russian media reports, the draft highlights the importance of the constitutional system and the human rights of citizens, mainly including expanding the power of the State Duma and increasing the welfare of citizens.