The Public Health Authority continues to urge people to keep their distance, but fewer and fewer people are concerned about the corona virus.

On Monday, SVT Nyheter Skåne visited a popular bathing resort in the western harbor of Malmö.

- I think the distance works great. As long as you are outdoors, there is no danger, says Anita Holmqvist retiree.

The weather is certainly a factor in why more people choose to meet outdoors and everyone does not follow the recommendations when it comes to keeping a distance.

- You don't care. People sit close to each other. I also do it but someone asks me to move on and I do it of course, says Klaudia, who is one of all the port visitors.

More people on the beaches

Many people find that there are more people on the beaches during the weekends.

- Much depends on the weather. When it is cooler, people keep more distance but when it is warm people sit packed, says Emmy swimmer Malmö city.

According to a survey by the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Preparedness, there is a clear tendency that everyone does not follow the guidelines to prevent the spread of infection to the same extent as before. The latest result shows a difference in people's behavior and generally a diminishing concern.