China News Service, June 1st, according to Reuters, Britain and the EU will hold the fourth round of negotiations this week. Stefaan de Rynck, an adviser to the European Union ’s chief negotiator for Britain ’s “Brexit” affairs, said recently that he did not think that the negotiations would achieve a breakthrough. He pointed out that if Britain and Europe are to reach an agreement, this summer must speed up negotiations on Brexit to prevent the break of trade relations.

On January 29 local time, the European Parliament approved the "Brexit" agreement. The picture shows that after the vote, the members present raised the banner of "Unity forever". China News Service publishes photos for EU

  "I am not so optimistic about the fourth round of negotiations. I hope we can make some progress, but it will not be a major breakthrough," Link said at an event. "We must negotiate this summer and we must accelerate it. "

  The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on January 31, but its main provisions as member states remain in effect during the transition period to the end of 2020. During this time, the UK and the EU will negotiate a new free trade agreement. But the two sides still have great differences on many issues. During May, the two parties' camps continued to fight.

  Link said that while Britain took the initiative to attack, it still maintained a sincere relationship with the other party. But a letter from British negotiators confused the European Union, which accused the EU of the trade agreement of “very low quality”.

  Britain said the EU must break the deadlock. Link also said that any agreement must be finalized as early as possible to avoid the interference caused by Brexit without agreement or the agreement being too late.

  "You think about if we agree on future arrangements in September, October, and November, there will be very little time to prepare," Link said. The EU remains open to extending the deadline, and both parties should make every effort to avoid disorderly Brexit.

  Earlier reports said that Britain and Europe are scheduled to start a new round of "remote" negotiations this week. A British official hinted that the British Prime Minister Johnson will at least meet with EU leaders after attending the EU summit on June 18 to formally assess the progress of negotiations between the two sides.