The Dubai Health Authority and the Center for Control and Control of the Corona Virus Emerging in the Emirate have approved standards for testing the virus, including the conditions for facilities designated for the "Covid-19" test, the criteria for the test itself, and the mechanism of collecting, storing and transporting samples to accredited laboratories, with the aim of unifying efforts to diagnose the disease And provide the best treatment services.

The authority said it would work to update procedures periodically based on changes in national guidelines and federal decisions, and all relevant health facilities should ensure compliance and compliance with these requirements to avoid any violations or penalties.

It set the requirements for registration and approval requirements, as Covid-19 testing services are limited to three types of laboratories: “Dubai Health Authority laboratories, clinical laboratories in hospitals that deal with (Covid-19), and independent clinical laboratories.” The authority set two conditions for its approval of The laboratories are authorized to conduct a Covid-19 examination, namely: “Submit a proposal to (Dubai Health Authority) using the available forms, and comply with the inspection requirements.”

The authority confirmed that it does not accept any result of the examination of "Covid-19" issued by unaccredited laboratories and those laboratories will be subject to disciplinary procedures. Health facilities that provide services for "Covid-19" patients must ensure that there is a contract with the medical laboratories approved by the authority in the emirate.

The authority revealed that the samples will not be sent to the clinical laboratories outside the emirate as of June 15, and the laboratories must also be accredited by the authority, and the establishments must obtain the approval of the authority to send samples outside Dubai.

Dubai Health has set benchmarks for the Covid-19 test, whereby the test is required only by a doctor licensed by the authority in accordance with the national clinical guidelines and based on the priority test criteria. The test criteria will be updated regularly by the authority and the control and control center, and for cases Suspected of having "Covid-19", the treating physician must give clear and comprehensive instructions to patients regarding self-quarantine until the results are reported.

The Authority obliged the physician who requests the examination to be responsible for informing the patient of the result as soon as it is positive and giving the necessary information and guidance to the patient according to the national guidelines, with a mandatory compliance with the fixed service price of the COFED-19 test, which is 370 dirhams (including VAT), and refrain from adding any Additional fees such as urgent examination fees, delivery, SMS and others.

The authority confirmed that molecular testing laboratories should conduct a polymerase chain reaction reaction (PCR) to diagnose the virus, and RT-PCR, as it is the approved testing methodology for detecting the SARS Cove 2 virus that causes Covid-19 disease, and the laboratory must Take a sample or two of the RNAs, taking into account quality control in the sampling process.

The laboratory must use two different RT-PCR groups, each group covering two or more genes (ORF1ab / RdRp, N, S, E), and if one gene is discovered with the RT-PCR group One, the test should be confirmed by another RT-PCR group, and the results should be interpreted according to the instructions issued by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority.

On the collection of samples, the Dubai Health Authority recommended a preliminary diagnostic test for the Corona virus in the samples of the upper respiratory tract and nasopharynx or pharyngeal mouth, the swabs are collected in sterile conditions and immediately placed in a sterile transfer tube of 2-3 ml of viral transport media (VTM). ), As for lower respiratory specimen testing, it is an option for patients who have a cough associated with phlegm or patients who sleep on respirators.

The authority stressed that healthcare professionals who collect samples should follow infection control measures and use the recommended personal protective equipment (N95 muzzle, face mask, eye protection, gloves, and protective clothing), provided that only licensed health care professionals in a suitable medical environment collect swabs. Covid-19, and swabs should not be collected at home, at work, at hostels, or at work camps.

Concerning the procedures for storing the sample, Dubai Health clarified that a dedicated safe space must be provided with limited access to it, and that it should be near the hand washing basin for the safe storage of laboratory samples. The swab is also taken in the viral tube under sterile conditions, and stored immediately in a degree The temperature of the refrigerator (2-8 ° C) or stored in an ice box until it is delivered to the testing laboratory as soon as possible, and in case of delay in transferring the sample more than 24 hours, it must be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature (-20).

Transfer samples safely

Dubai Health Authority confirmed that the samples "Covid-19" are transferred through cold chain logistics, and laboratory samples must be collected, transported and treated safely to ensure that the risk of infection is not transmitted to the individuals concerned, and a commitment to transfer samples regularly to avoid delay and collection, and samples are sent during Two hours of collection time using the double packaging system.

The authority stressed that transport and express mail personnel must take precautions for vital hazardous materials during the transport of samples, and transport staff or the transport company are trained by the collection facility on safe handling practices and infection control measures, and personal protective equipment should be used at all times and to ensure contact precautions and drops.

Dubai Health has committed the doctor to the responsibility of informing the patient of the results of the corona examination, as soon as it is confirmed positive.

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