Crew Dragon, the first private manned spacecraft, arrived at the International Space Station 19 hours after launch.

Crew Dragon, carrying two NASA astronauts, arrived at the International Space Station at 11:16 our time last night (31st).

Docking (joining) was successful 19 hours after launching at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 4:22 am yesterday.

Two astronauts will stay on the International Space Station floating over 400km for a short period of one month and a maximum of four months to perform research tasks.

This is the first time that a manned spacecraft has docked on the ISS since 2011.

The launch of the spacecraft was led by private companies, not governments. The main character is 'Space X', founded by Telon, CEO of Electric Vehicle, Elon Musk. Elon Musk plans to launch a civilian space tour within the next year to launch the Crew Dragon.

Could Iron Musk's dream of "I'll meet the end of life on Mars" come true? Let's watch the video of the crew dragon as it arrives at the moment of arrival.

(Composition: Joeul Sun, Video: NASA, Edit: Hong Myung Lee)