US Crew Dragon astronauts fly to International Space Station June 1 5:20

On the night of 31st, a spacecraft developed by an American private company successfully docked an astronaut on the International Space Station for the first time, the hatch was opened, and the astronaut entered the space station.

It is the first time in nine years since the US retired the Space Shuttle to send astronauts to the International Space Station on its own spacecraft, and it has been attracting attention as a symbol of the era when private companies are fully entering space development.

Docked at the International Space Station is the "Crew Dragon", a spacecraft developed by the American private company "Space X".

It was launched from the United States by carrying two American astronauts, and was successfully docked to the International Space Station at 11:00 pm on the 31st. Then the hatch was opened, and the astronauts on board entered the space station and were greeted by the three astronauts staying there.

This is the final test of the "Crew Dragon", and after successful return, it will enter the operation stage, and Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi will be on board the first aircraft.

This is the first time a private manned spacecraft has arrived at a space station, and it is attracting attention as a symbol of an era in which private companies make full-scale entry into space development.

It has also been nine years since the US retired from the Space Shuttle to send astronauts to the space station on its own spacecraft.

Astronauts Robert Benken and Astronaut Douglas Hurley, who arrived at the International Space Station, were relayed to the control room of the Johnson Space Center in Southern Texas, USA, and the three astronauts who met were also involved. I received a blessing from you.

When asked if he could have slept in the spacecraft before docking, astronaut Benken answered, “The ship was very comfortable and I slept for about 7 hours.”

Regarding the ride comfort of the new spacecraft, I was surprised that it was smoother than the Space Shuttle because there were less shocks and vibrations before going to orbit. I had the opportunity to manually operate it several times, but the same movement as training So, the performance was so satisfying that I would like to thank the developed space X. "