U.S. black man death case protest demonstration spread at various places National military dispatch also 5:30 on June 1

In the United States, after a black man who was arrested by a white police officer died, protest demonstrations spread all over the country and plundering in some places, so it became a situation where national soldiers were dispatched in more than 10 states. I am.

While the number of unemployed people is rapidly increasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus, some people say that the incident has increased people's dissatisfaction, and there is no prospect of convergence.

The protests expanded further from May 30-31, the sixth day after the death of a black man being seized by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Midwest, USA, according to the New York Times. So far, there have been demonstrations in at least 75 cities across the United States.

In Los Angeles, western California, stores were plundered every day, and protesters and police collided near the White House in the capital, Washington, and police used warning bullets.

In New York, protest demonstrations were held at several places including Times Square, a tourist attraction in central Manhattan, and according to New York City, at least 47 police vehicles have been destroyed and 33 police officers were injured so far. In addition, more than 300 people were detained.

As a result, at least 25 cities have been banned from going out, and in more than 10 states, National Guards have been dispatched to the scene.

It was reported that the nighttime curfew was issued in so many cities all together since 1968, when Pastor King, who sought to abolish racism, was assassinated.

In the United States, there is a view that the economic situation is seriously deteriorated, such as over 40 million applications for unemployment insurance due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, and that the incident has increased people's dissatisfaction, and the situation has converged The outlook is not up.

345 detained in New York

In New York, some of the participants of the protest demonstration became mobs on the 30th, and 33 police officers were injured, 47 police vehicles were destroyed, and 345 people were detained, according to police.

On the 31st of the night, a window glass was broken at the scene of the center of Manhattan where a demonstration was held, the burned police car was left as it was, and the window glass was broken at restaurants around the area. Glass pieces were scattered in the store.

A large department store near Central Park, which has been closed due to measures in the state of New York to prevent the spread of infection, was taking measures to cover the show window with a wooden board so that the show window could not be broken after the protest demonstration this time. ..

Demonstration partly mob in Washington

In Washington, the capital, some of the participants of the protest demonstration became mobs on the 30th, causing a clash with police.

On the 31st of the night, a big graffiti was painted on the wall of the building near the White House, saying "How many times do you know that black people have human rights?"

In addition, the parking meters along the road were overwhelmed. Building owners were obsessed with erasing graffiti on the walls and cleaning up broken glass.

Also, in the demonstration on the 30th, some participants threw roadside stones and broke the window glass, so in preparation for future demonstrations, the roadside stones were removed and a protective tree was put on the window frame of the building. I was hitting the board.

A major company protests the case through SNS

While a protest demonstration spread all over the United States following the death of a black man who was detained by a white police officer in the United States, even major American companies protested the case through social media and solidarity with black society There are a lot of movements to show.

Among them, Nike, a major American sports equipment manufacturer, posted a one-minute video on Twitter and Instagram.

In the video, white text on a black background displays a message such as "Don't turn your back on racism" or "Don't allow innocent life to be taken."

Also, video streaming giant Netflix says, "Silent silence is an accomplice. Black people's lives are important. We have a duty to speak out for our black members, employees, creators, etc." I posted a message.

Amazon.com's video distribution service "Prime Video" also posted a statement saying, "We are with a black society and with our colleagues who combat racism and injustice."

Furthermore, on the official Twitter account, the color of the profile screen has changed from blue to black, and the bird icon has also changed to black, which means "#BlackLivesmatter" (Black Livesmatter), which means "life for black people is important". That is the hashtag.

Also, on Twitter, there is a growing movement to add a hashtag called "#ICantBreathe", which means "I can't breathe."

This is the word that a black man who was detained by a white police officer was complaining when his neck was pressed down by his knees, and people who protested the case since the video capturing this situation was posted on the Internet It is the secret word.

Protest moves in Europe

In the United States, black men have been arrested by white police officers, and protests are spreading in Europe such as London in the UK following the death.

Of these, in London, on the 31st, hundreds of people gathered in a central plaza to raise a placard stating "Justice" or "The life of a black man is important".

The man who participated was angry, saying, "Black people and people of color have been abused for a long time. The situation is getting worse. It's enough. It's time to change."

After that, the participants said, "I can't breathe," when a dead man was pressed by a police officer on his knees, and while repeating the name of the man loudly, the British Prime Minister's House and the American Embassy. I went to and continued to protest.

In Berlin, Germany, a protest was held in front of the US Embassy. The woman who hosted the demonstration cried in tears, saying, "Let's make a voice," and the people who participated held up placards saying "justice" or "breath," with the intention of protest and unity. Was shown.

In addition, graffiti art depicting dead black men and others has appeared in the park in Berlin, with the hashtag "I can not breathe".