China, May 31, a comprehensive report said that the incident of the African-American man Freud being crushed to death by the police about a week ago, ignited the anger of the United States, and protests and demonstrations have occurred in many places, even reaching CNN headquarters. And the White House. On the evening of May 30th local time, US President Trump wrote on social media that if the protesters cross the border, they may encounter evil dogs and weapons.

Image taken from Trump's social media account.

  The report said that after a series of protests broke out across the United States, Trump continued to post on social media on May 30, announcing that he was safe in the White House, and praised the US Secret Service for doing a good job of protecting the White House. .

  He threatened that if the protesters dare to cross the fence, "they will be greeted by the most vicious dogs and the most vicious weapons I have ever seen. By then, someone will pay a terrible price. And the US Secret Service is Strictly wait. "

On May 30, local time, in Washington, DC, protesters held up slogans from Capitol Hill towards the White House.

  Trump also issued a document saying that the activities of the protesters outside the White House have little help in mourning Freud, they are just creating chaos. The Secret Service is easy to knock them down. "These 'organized groups' have nothing to do with Freud. Sadly!"

  According to reports, Trump also criticized the mayor of Washington, DC, Bowser, claiming that she did not allow police to interfere in protests outside the White House. However, the Secret Service later confirmed that the Washington, D.C. Police Department and the United States Park Police were at the scene.

  Bowser responded to Trump on social media on the 30th, saying that the Washington, D.C. Police Department “will always protect Washington, D.C. and everyone in it, whether I agree with them (such as those exercising First Amendment rights) or I disagree ( (Such as Trump). "

  Bowser said that when Trump “hidden behind a fence and panicked alone,” she supported people peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights after the murder of Freud, and resisting hundreds of years of institutional racism .

  She also wrote, "There are no fierce dogs and fierce weapons. There is only one person who is afraid. This person is timid and lonely."