In the DRC, arrest of Trésor Mputu Kankonde, one of the militia leaders Kamuina Nsapu

Zaida Catalan and Michael Sharp, UN experts murdered in the DRC. RFI

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The search for the truth about the double assassination of the two UN experts in March 2017 may well accelerate. On the run for three years, Trésor Mputu Kankonde, one of the most wanted Kamuina Nsapu militia leaders, was arrested in Kananga. An important take which should make it possible to advance the lawsuit, estimates the governor of Kasaï central, Martin Kabuya Mulamba.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

Trésor Mputu Kankonde was arrested overnight Friday to Saturday in the outskirts of Kananga. Army sources say he fell into a trap tense by military intelligence who have been tracking him for three years. For Me Trésor Kabangu of Kananga, many witnesses present it as an important piece of the puzzle in the search for the truth about the execution, in March 2017, of two United Nations experts, Zaïdan Catalan and Michael Sharp.

Jean-Bosco Mukanda, a suspicious witness who became an accused in the trial which is taking place in Kananga, indeed declared at the bar that it was Mputu Kankonde who held the hair of Zaïdan Catalan. But complicity between this militia leader and some intelligence officials had so far delayed his arrest, said our sources.

A security source also claims that at the time of his arrest, Trésor Mputu Kankonde was trying to reorganize the Kamuina Nsapu militia with a view to attacking the town of Kananga from the town of Kasuyi. According to the head of military justice Jean-Blaise Bwamulundu, he will join the court shortly. Twenty-four defendants are still in prison, three have died and two have escaped in incredible conditions.

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