Abu Dhabi Police appealed to the families to reinforce the preventive measures and take the necessary measures when accompanying the children, paying attention to them, not leaving them alone and protecting them from car accidents, especially with the entry of the summer period.

She explained that leaving children in vehicles may cause them to die or expose them to suffocation due to lack of oxygen, high temperatures inside the vehicle, or moving them due to tampering with the transmission, accident, exploitation of the weak souls and theft of the car.

The families demanded not to depend on others when getting off the car and leaving the children in the rear seats while they were in a state of sleepiness or sleep, or giving responsibility for caring for them to their brothers, the children who are older, which causes them to suffocate if the car stops completely from operating.

 She pointed to the occurrence of cases of suffocation of children during the past years due to the relaxation of some parents in the requirements of public safety and the protection of children from danger, stressing that neglecting them is a crime punishable by law, and whoever proves negligent in such cases will be referred to the judicial authorities to take legal measures against them.

 She emphasized her continuous interest in raising awareness through social media platforms and the media about such incidents and alerting families about them, stressing the role of parents in protecting children from such dangers, and wished that such accidents would not happen to innocent people.

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