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  • The sabotage of relay antennas has multiplied in France since the beginning of April.
  • In many cases, the ultra-left track is favored by investigators.
  • But other tracks are not to be excluded, in particular that of the opponents of 5G… which is not yet deployed in France.

It is not a first but almost. An investigation into the destruction of a relay antenna resulted in the arrest of suspects on Tuesday. Born in 1981 and in 1962, the two men arrested by the gendarmes of his Besançon research section and by the agents of the Dijon judicial police are suspected of having set fire to a telephone relay in Foncine-le-Haut, in the Jura , April 14th. Unwise, they had left their DNA all over the place.

About twenty similar facts have been identified throughout the territory since the beginning of April by the central territorial intelligence service which suspects, in a note revealed by Le Parisien , "the most radical elements of the protest movements radicals "to be behind. But the ultra-left is not always in question.


In the Jura, the profile of the two men arrested this week by the heyday of the forces is more akin to "conspirators", as one of them qualified, wanting to denounce the alleged misdeeds of 5G for environment, only members of ultra-left groups. The youngest, unemployed, "is not known to evolve" in this movement, said the public prosecutor of Lons-le-Saunier, Lionel Pascal, in a press release.

As for the second suspect, he calls himself "apolitical". But he claims his opposition to 5G, which is not yet deployed in France but which he accuses, like the other man implicated, of "causing damage to the environment".

Last April, on the other side of the Channel, around twenty antennae were sabotaged after a rumor linking 5G to the spread of the coronavirus circulated on the Internet. A spokesman for the British government has even been forced to denounce "this crazy conspiracy theory" which he describes as "perfectly absurd". Journalists in the “Fake Off” section of 20 Minutes recently explained in an article that this technology did not promote the coronavirus epidemic.

"Ultra-left anarcho libertarian"

In France, the Grenoble region is particularly targeted by mysterious saboteurs. Five relays were destroyed between March 29 and May 18. There too, the investigators do not exclude the track of “conspirators”, indicates to 20 minutes the public prosecutor of Grenoble, Eric Vaillant. But the magistrate does not hide that he favors, for these facts, the track of “the ultra-left anarcho libertarian” because of “the important list of degradations by fires attributable to this movement committed in the Grenoble agglomeration” since March 2017.

Moreover, the authors of an article published on the Indymedia Nantes site, close to the libertarian ultra-left, explained in detail "how to destroy a relay antenna", reports Eric Vaillant. They also denounce the upcoming arrival of 5G, but not for its possible links with the coronavirus or its supposed impact on the environment.

They believe that this technology will allow the government "to monitor us in an unprecedented way". "5G as a new standard in the mobile telephone network allows us to reach a new level of integration and monitoring by artificial intelligence", they write.

Call "for a dangerous month of May"

The destruction, last week, of a relay antenna in Jarrie (Isère), had been claimed barely two days later by a group calling itself "bats transmitting fire". "We do not want a world where the guarantee of being able to communicate remotely constantly and everywhere, is exchanged for the fact of being able to be constantly monitored and controlled (sic)," say the authors of this text, also published on the Indymedia site.

But Eric Vaillant remains cautious about this claim which gives "no details on the operation itself". The magistrate does not exclude "an opportunistic claim".

Other departments have not been spared: Aude, Gard, Loiret, Pas-de-Calais or Côtes d'Armor. "We are seeing an increase in the destruction of relay antenna since the broadcast on social networks, at the end of March, of a call" for a dangerous month of May ", breathes at 20 Minutes a source close to the matter.

In this text with revolutionary overtones, the authors, who are calling for an attack on power, wonder: "What would happen if a high voltage pylon fell without warning? Before adding, as an invitation: "No one can predict what it might bring about. And it is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to attempt it. "


Sometimes the perpetrators of these attacks are neither politicized nor conspiratorial. In Estrablin, a village in the north of Isère, a relay antenna of the operator Orange was burnt down twice during the confinement. The author, indicates AFP, ended up being identified: he is an unemployed man, alcoholic and suicidal, who wanted to destroy an antenna thinking that it belonged to the gendarmerie. He wanted to take revenge on a gendarme who would have pushed him during an intervention at his home.


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