China News Service reported on May 30th that on the 29th local time, US President Trump said that the United States would terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization, saying that the organization failed to fully respond to the new crown epidemic. Doctors' organizations in the United States condemned that the move would make global efforts to fight the New Corona Virus pandemic more difficult.

[Trump announces that he will terminate relations with WHO]

  Trump said on the 29th: "Because they (WHO) failed to carry out the reforms requested and urgently needed by the (US side), we will end our relationship with the World Health Organization today and will (provide them to WHO) Resources are redistributed to other countries and the urgently needed global public health needs. "

On May 21 local time, US President Trump was photographed by the media while inspecting the Ford plant in Michigan. Before this, no matter whether it was Ford or officials in the state, he had asked him to wear a mask.

  It is unclear when Trump's decision will take effect. In 1948, the US Congress passed a joint resolution on the United States ’accession to the World Health Organization. The resolution said that the United States "reserves the right to withdraw from the World Health Organization with one year's notice."

  On May 18, Trump sent a letter to WHO Director-General Tan Desai, saying that if the World Health Organization does not carry out reforms in accordance with the requirements of the United States within 30 days, then the United States will completely stop funding WHO.

  Tan Desai said on the 20th that three years ago, WHO has begun to transform, strive to expand the donor base, improve the "quality" of funds, hoping to solve the financial challenges facing.

  The United States was originally the largest donor of WHO, providing about 400 million US dollars annually, accounting for about 15% of the organization's budget. The operation of WHO has always relied on membership dues and voluntary contributions from countries and non-profit organizations.

【Experts in the United States have condemned】

  Trump's decision to withdraw soon was condemned in the United States.

  According to a Bloomberg report on the 29th, the President of the American Medical Association, Patrick Harris, said: "In a global epidemic that has killed more than 100,000 Americans, there is no logic in cutting off relations with the World Health Organization, which makes it Finding solutions to this public health crisis has become more challenging. "

  Harris said: "This meaningless action will have a significant and harmful impact ... especially if WHO leads global vaccine development and drug trials to combat the new coronavirus pandemic."

As of the evening of May 27th, EST, the number of deaths in the US new crown has exceeded 100,000, but the crisis has shown little sign of easing. The picture shows May 27, local time, a man running through Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, USA.

  Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Senate Health Committee, also said he did not agree with Trump's decision.

  Reuters reported on the 30th that Adaja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Health and Safety Center, said that Trump's decision is unlikely to change the operation of the World Health Organization.

  She said: "From a symbolic or moral point of view, it was wrong to take such actions during the New Corona Virus pandemic, which seemed to shift the responsibility of the United States for its own mistakes and blame WHO."

【International opinion “supports” WHO】

  In April of this year, Trump announced that the United States suspended the payment of dues to WHO and demanded accountability for WHO ’s actions in the epidemic. This behavior continued to be refuted by many parties.

  On April 16, the New York Times issued an article saying: WHO is the "scapegoat" Trump is looking for. The organization has always been cautious and its actions are more powerful and faster than those of many governments.

  The article said that WHO has already sounded the alarm for the world. With the development of the epidemic and the passage of time, WHO hopes that everyone's determination to unite and fight against the epidemic will be stronger. After the outbreak, WHO has been calling on all countries in the world to take it seriously.

  Multinational politicians and international organizations have also criticized Trump. UN Secretary General Guterres said that the World Health Organization must be supported, which is absolutely critical to global efforts to overcome the new crown epidemic. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also called for strengthened international cooperation to jointly fight the new crown epidemic, and said that Germany will fully support the World Health Organization.

  On April 27, the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee announced that it would initiate an investigation into the Trump administration ’s suspension of payment of World Health Organization contributions.

  The committee chairman and Democrat Engel said that the current new coronary pneumonia epidemic is raging around the world. Suspension of payment of contributions to the WHO puts "life at risk" and fighting against the WHO instead of the epidemic "only worsens the already bad situation. , Counterproductive to control the spread of the epidemic.