China News Agency, New York, May 30th: It has been six days since the African American George Freud died of police misconduct during law enforcement. The wave of demonstrations continued. According to media statistics, large-scale demonstrations have taken place in at least 34 cities in the United States.

On May 28 local time, New York, the United States, people gathered on the streets to hold protests and demonstrations.

  In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the demonstrations have been out of control for many days. According to the New York Times, demonstrators and police clashes frequently in the past few days. Some people attacked police stations and burned buildings. Although the local curfew was issued on the evening of the 29th, the demonstrators did not comply. State Governor Tim Waltz said on the 30th that he had sent thousands more National Guard soldiers to Minneapolis. He had previously stated that due to an underestimation of the scale of the demonstration, the number of police and National Guard soldiers on the scene was insufficient, and failed to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

  "New York Times" said that the local street has become a "smoke battlefield." US President Trump claimed that the army was ready to support Mingzhou that day, but Waltz rejected the proposal.

  Violence also appeared in demonstrations in other cities. Police cars were burned by demonstrators in Philadelphia and New York City. The Philadelphia Inquirer said that some demonstrators in Philadelphia clashed with the police on the afternoon of the 30th. State police wearing riot gear arrived at the scene to try to disperse the crowd, and some demonstrators were sprayed with tear gas. Then someone lit a state police SUV.

  At the press conference of the New York City Government on the 30th, New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shey claimed that during the demonstration in Brooklyn on the evening of the 29th, several policemen were attacked and injured by the demonstrators. Fortunately, no one died. A police car was burned with a burning flask, and there were police officers in the car; several police cars were smashed. At the parade, the police searched for weapons such as guns and metal finger tigers. More than 200 people have been arrested. New York Mayor Bai Sihao said that he would conduct an independent investigation into the Brooklyn conflict, while emphasizing that there will be no tolerance for demonstrations to become violent. New York local media PIX11 reported that thousands of people gathered in front of the local Lincoln statue in Newark, New Jersey, near New York City on the 30th, and the whole was relatively peaceful.

  "USA Today" reported that during demonstrations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Portland, Oregon, someone took advantage of the opportunity to smash shops and steal property. Both cities issued curfews; Portland also entered a state of emergency. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency and, at the request of the City of Atlanta, deployed a National Guard to control the situation.

  Fox News said that after a preliminary examination, forensic doctors believed that Freud ’s death might be caused by some basic diseases and some toxic substances already in his body. The police ’s suppression of Freud induced these factors; there is currently no Found evidence of his suffocation. Freud's family refused to accept this statement, saying that they would look for an independent institution to conduct an autopsy again. (Finish)