Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 30. After the National People ’s Congress passed the Hong Kong-related legislative decision, the Taiwanese legislature issued a so-called “declaration”, claiming to “rescue Hong Kong people” and promote related “legislation” and administrative measures while wantonly attacking. The Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson Ma Xiaoguang said in response to this inquiry on the 30th that Taiwan ’s legislature will not succeed in these conspiracies. If it interferes in Hong Kong affairs, it will surely eat its own fruits.

  Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that the purpose of the National People's Congress's Hong Kong-related legislation is to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, guarantee Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability, and ensure the stability of "one country, two systems". It is aimed at external forces, separatist forces, and terrorist forces that endanger national security. It protects the rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong citizens according to law.

  Ma Xiaoguang said that the DPP authorities and some politicians on the island have repeatedly and repeatedly distorted the facts, reversed black and white, and accused Hong Kong-related legislation arbitrarily because the relevant Hong Kong-related legislation should cut off "Taiwan independence" and "Hong Kong independence". The black hand of the split of Hong Kong.

  Ma Xiaoguang said that the Taiwanese legislature issued the so-called "declaration", promoted the so-called "legislation" and administrative measures, and provided "rescue" to the chaotic Hong Kong elements. It was a blatant asylum to illegal and violent terrorist forces, further exposing it to disrupt Hong Kong and attack "One Country, Two Systems ", Seeking the political nature of" Taiwan independence. " His conspiracy will not succeed. If he intervenes in Hong Kong affairs, he will surely suffer from it.