• Lufthansa: impossible to approve the rescue plan due to conditions imposed by the EU
  • Germany saves Lufthansa, first shareholder state


May 30, 2020 Agreement reached between the German government and the European Commission on the rescue package of Lufthansa, the largest German airline and the second largest in Europe in terms of passengers carried. Sources close to the negotiations reported this.

The news, confirmed by a spokesman for the EU Commission, is a fundamental step in adopting the plan to avoid the company's bankruptcy. The agreement provides, in particular, that the German air transport giant sells 8 planes (four in Frankfurt and the same in Munich) to competitors and the related landing and take-off rights, the source explained, confirming the information of the German newspaper 'Handelsblatt' , ie less than initially requested by Brussels. 

Germany reached a deal with the European Commission on Lufthansa's landing slots at hub airports, according to a government official, potentially clearing the way for the carrier's approval of Berlin's $ 9.9 billion bailout offer https://t.co/crocdgptK0

- Bloomberg (@business) May 29, 2020