The website "dot-e-sports", which specializes in internet games, revealed that the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, spent nearly $ 70,000 during three years on participating in the "Battle Pass" game on the Internet, to be one of the biggest spenders on this platform.

The site added in its report that Mohammed bin Salman spent more than 6000 dollars on the card of the "International 2020 Battle Pass" competition in the "Dota 2" game.

The report said that Mohammed bin Salman with this amount of spending and his continuous play has already brought his account called "Purrrrrfect Devil Angel Yukeo" to the level 14 thousand and 430, which is more than 4000 points compared to the second-ranked player.

The site added that this matter is not new to the Saudi crown prince, as he spent in the past three years a total amount of 69,494 dollars on "Battle Pass" alone, and achieved a record in this game by reaching the 175,000 level in 2017.

The report indicated that the Saudi crown prince has been active on the "Steam" gaming platform since February 2011 under the name "Abdullah Al Saud", and has played more than 10,000 games, winning 51% of them.

After defeating the Saudi regime
in the proxy war it fought
against Iran in Syria ...
and its humiliating defeat in Yemen ...
let us recall the battle of Muhammad bin Salman against Tehran
in which their army was crushed ...
during which their leaders were arrested ...
and the Saudi flag was raised above their heads ...
but it was a battle On Playstation

Towards Freedom (@hureyaksa) January 2, 2019

Statistics available on the platform indicate that Mohammed bin Salman spent more than nine thousand hours in the game "Dota", and more than 550 hours in the game "Team Fortress 2".

In addition to the two mentioned games in which he spent most of the time, Mohammed bin Salman spent five hours and 38 minutes in the game "Resident Evil 5", two hours and 47 minutes in the game "Portal 2", and two hours and 29 minutes in the game "Lift" 4 Dead 2 "(Left 4 dead 2).

It is noteworthy that the Saudi crown prince has a long past with a passion for video games, as the French magazine "Le Pen" published last March that Salman bin Abdul Aziz, when he was governor of Riyadh, blamed his son Mohammed, the current crown prince when he was 17 years old, for his passion. Spending his time in video games and not interested in studying.