Instead, came the message that makes a significant difference in the US view of Hong Kong. US new attitude: Hong Kong can no longer be considered autonomous from China.

But first about the second message, that the US is leaving the World Health Organization, WHO. It will leave a big hole in the wallet for the Director-General, Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Very little indicates that other donors could donate enough money for WHO not to cut back on the business. The US leaving also poses legitimacy problems for WHOs who need broad support to operate in some of the most politically sensitive places in the world.

But in many ways the WHO decision was just a taster. Trump's announcement of Hong Kong was also a dramatic one.

When China took over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom in 1997, it promised to allow the territory to have autonomy from the Chinese government for 50 years. The autonomy meant that the United States wanted to maintain roughly the same relations with Hong Kong as it had when it was the British protectorate and a law was passed through 1992 that secured just that.

Demolishes Hong Kong exception

It is the law and relationship with Hong Kong that Trump now wants to tear apart, with few exceptions. Trump announced that in the future, Hong Kong should be covered by the China-US trade agreement and not be exempted, that the US-Hong Kong extradition agreement should be terminated or changed, and that entry rules for Hong Kong nationals be reviewed.

Relations between the US and China have been very chilly lately, although the countries agreed on a trade agreement as late as last winter. As the virus began to spread in China, President Trump praised his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for his efforts and transparency in working with the virus. Since then, one can say that there have been other noises from the White House.

No information on how and when

Whether any other countries in the world will follow the example of the United States and change relations with Honkong remains to be seen. Likewise how the world markets will react when they open again on Monday. Perhaps it also depends on how President Xi Jinping responds. Now many are wondering how the changes announced today by Trump will be practically implemented and when.

The reporters in the White House rose garden did not get an answer today.