"China Exploits America," President Trump said at a press conference May 11 at 11:35

President Trump said at the beginning of the White House's meeting on China policy on the 29th, saying, "China has exploited the United States," and has robbed the United States of manufacturing, employment, and intellectual property. He illegally claimed sovereignty in the Pacific, threatened freedom of navigation and accused Hong Kong of violating its commitments.

In addition, the new coronavirus is called “Wuhan virus”, and concealing the infection of China has led to the spread of the infection worldwide, claiming more than 100,000 lives in the United States, China becomes WHO = World Health Organization We urged China to release information about the virus again, arguing that it failed to report.

He then stated that "China has complete control of WHO" and stated that "the United States ends its relationship with WHO" and that the funds from WHO will be used for another purpose.

He also said he would stop accepting the security risks of Chinese international students who are trying to study at an American university because they have been conducting industrial espionage for many years.

In order to maintain the soundness of the financial market, he ordered a working team within the administration to proceed with a survey of Chinese companies listed in the US, suggesting the possibility of locking out Chinese companies from the US.

And what Trump spends most of his time is on Hong Kong. He accused China of "national security legislation" as a clear breach of a joint statement between Britain and China in returning Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong does not have enough autonomy to be granted special measures. China has changed the one-country-two system to one-country-one system," instructing the government to begin the procedure to exclude special measures. I made it clear. Regarding the subject, President Trump said, "From criminal delivery treaty to export control, it covers all arrangements with Hong Kong in the United States."

He also stated that he is calling for caution to Americans traveling to Hong Kong and withdrawing preferential treatment from Hong Kong for customs procedures, etc., saying that there are increasing risks such as surveillance by Chinese security authorities in Hong Kong.

He also said he would take the necessary steps to impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials involved in impairing Hong Kong autonomy.