Will it become the norm if the government does not set GDP? The latest response from the briefing by the State Council Office

  At a briefing held by the State Council Office on May 29, Sun Guojun, a member of the drafting group of the "Government Work Report" and a member of the Party Group of the State Council Research Office, said in the report modification that whether or not to set a GDP growth rate index should be determined according to the situation of the year.

  Sun Guojun said that this year is a special case in terms of whether to set specific targets for economic growth. It was said at the last reporter's briefing that this year it will not be set, and the biggest factor is to take into account uncertainty. This year ’s uncertainty is not a general uncertainty. Indeed, the trend of the global epidemic is unpredictable, so this year it is not considered. There have also been times in history, but from the current situation, if the economy enters a normal state, generally speaking, it is better to have an expected GDP growth rate target, because many other indicators must have a reference benchmark. , That is GDP. The GDP growth rate index is a very important comprehensive basic index.

  Sun Guojun emphasized that whether to set the GDP growth rate every year should be determined according to the situation of the year. It cannot simply be generalized whether it must be set or not, but should be adjusted according to changes in the situation.

  (Reporter CCTV reporter Li Juan Jin Danni)