This morning, he died in a Casablanca hospital at the age of 96, former Moroccan Prime Minister Abdel-Rahman Al-Yousifi.

The Maghreb Arab News Agency (official) reported the news of the death of Al-Yousifi from some of his relatives, and the official website of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces published the post of its secretary-general.

For his part, the current Secretary General of the party, Idris, thanked for the death of Al-Yousifi and said - in a post on his Facebook page, which was republished by the party's website - "I mourn for all federations, federations (party members), the general Moroccan citizens, and international public opinion, the death of the great leader and jealous national mujahid, Professor Abdel Rahman Al-Yousifi, who separated us today after a struggle with illness, in the last days. "

Al-Yousifi was transferred a few days ago to a hospital in Casablanca after a long suffering from the disease, where he had been living with one lung for decades, he also suffered from cancer, and had previously suffered a stroke when he was prime minister from 1998 to 2002.

He added, "We call on all federations, federations, and feminists and activists from all walks of life, and all citizens and citizens who sympathize with this tall stature, and who have feelings of loyalty, love and appreciation, to observe the conditions of a health emergency, in the funeral service of the deceased, which will be subject to the necessary precautions, Applicable, as the funeral of the deceased will be limited. "

He pointed out that the party "will organize memorial demonstrations at the level of giving and sacrifice of the Mujahid Abdul Rahman Al-Yousifi, when conditions are available for that."