President Moon Jae-in will convene the 6th Emergency Economic Meeting at the Blue House on the 1st of the following month to discuss the preparation of the 3rd additional budget.

President Moon has presided over an emergency economic meeting for about a month since the 22nd of last month.

An official from the Blue House said, "This meeting will be addressed with the economic policy direction in the second half of the year along with the details related to the formation of the third supplementary plan."

Earlier, on the 22nd of the 5th emergency economic meeting on the 22nd of last month, President Moon ordered to establish a 40 trillion won long-term industry stabilization fund, and instructed him to prepare for the third supplementary necessary.

In addition, yesterday (28th), in the meeting with the Democratic Party leader Kim Tae-nyeon and the future unification party leader Joo Ho-young, he asked for the prompt resolution of the third supplementary plan.

For this reason, after the emergency economic meeting, it is expected to pass the State Council meeting and promptly submit a supplementary plan to the National Assembly.

In addition, the meeting is expected to finalize economic policy directions in the second half of the year, including revitalization of consumption and private investment, the Korean version of the New Deal Project, and corporate reshoring (overseas factory return to Korea).