As the coronavirus epidemic ebbs but does not disappear, what are the rules for travel to the Overseas Territories, other European countries or further afield? Thursday, during the presentation of phase 2 of the deconfinement, the government sketched tracks for the summer holidays.

One thing is certain: it will be possible this summer to go on vacation anywhere in France, since there will no longer be, as of June 2, travel limit 100 kilometers as the crow flies from your home . But what about trips to the Overseas, other European countries or further afield, when the coronavirus epidemic, if it has receded, is still raging? Thursday, during the presentation of the second phase of deconfinement, the executive gave some elements of response.

Between the mainland and the overseas territories, travel will be possible, but with very strict control measures. Upon arrival, you must respect a fortnight. And if the sanitary conditions are favorable, more flights should be offered this summer.

Trips within the European Union which could resume in mid-June

To go visit the rest of Europe, travel could resume in mid-June. France is "favorable" to the reopening of internal borders, said Edouard Philippe on Thursday. Italy would then be accessible since all access restrictions will be lifted next week for European citizens. Spain and Greece also plan to welcome tourists from July.

All, without any measure of fourteen ... unless "European states decided" to do the same with the French. "We will apply reciprocity measures," said the Prime Minister. An allusion, in particular, to the United Kingdom, which unilaterally decided to impose a quarantine on foreign travelers.


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Finally, if you want to go to the Maghreb, take a long haul to Asia or the United States, you have to wait until June 15. This is the date on which the countries of the European Union will take the decision to reopen, or not, the external borders of the EU.