China News Service, May 29. According to the Korea International Radio (KBS) report, on the 28th local time, South Korean prosecutors sued 9 former officials of Qingwatai on the grounds of allegedly obstructing the work of the "Shiyue" special investigation committee.

Data map: "Shiyue" wreck salvage site. China News Agency reporter Shen Haishe

  According to reports, the South Korean Prosecutor ’s Office Special Investigation Team on the "Shiyue" Accident stated that it was necessary to prosecute 9 people including Li Bingqi, former secretary of Qingwatai, Li Genmian, former director of personnel reform, and Jin Rongxi, former minister of marine and fisheries, on the grounds that they had In 2015, the work of the special investigation committee of the "Shiyue" was hindered.

  The prosecution investigation revealed that the Special Investigation Committee was planning to investigate the whereabouts of former President Park Geun-hye, but it was opposed by Qingwatai. In addition, the Korean Social Tragic Special Investigation Committee issued in April that Qingwatai ’s conclusion that the investigation was obstructed was mostly confirmed by the prosecution.

  South Korean prosecutors will also investigate the doubts of the family members of the victims of Qingwatai investigation and the doubts of the prosecution investigation.

  According to previous reports, in April 2014, students from South Korean Tanyuan High School took the "Shiyue" cruise ship arranged by the school to Jeju Island. On the morning of the 16th, while passing by the sea near Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do, the "Shiyue" suddenly tilted heavily and eventually sank. There were 476 people on board, and 304 people were killed in the accident.

  On November 11, 2019, five years and seven months after the shipwreck of the Shiyue South Korea, the procuratorial organ formed a special investigation team to take over the investigation records from the Special Investigation Committee of the Social Counselor and formally restarted the investigation.