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Sound sexy and bewitching with the theme of domestic chores? It is possible with Sébastien Tellier, electro enchanter who signs his big comeback with the album "Domesticated".

Plastic gloves - usually combined with detergents - placed on the piano keys that adorn the shirt of Tellier himself: everything is said on the album cover, which comes out this Friday (at Record Makers). Either how to draw beauty and dreams from the constraints of everyday life. Mission accomplished, notably on the title "Domestic Tasks".

"First, at my place, there is music, I don't tell myself + like, how am I going to talk about a broom in a poetic way? + (Laughs). And then one day I find these chords clean, clear Then I like to choose a theme, starting with something + not funky + to make it a noble thing. It adds to the difficulty, but the pleasure is there ", tells AFP bearded unclassifiable.

"The important thing is to change your outlook on things, to tell yourself that the pink of the dishwashing liquid, if you look at it well, it has the pearl effect of a precious stone (laughs)".

- "Sensations of heat" -

"The theme of household chores is not so common in pop culture but it is proof that it is not only disappointed love that makes the right records, comments for AFP Antoine Dabrowski, director antenna of Tsugi Radio, webradio of the eponymous magazine. Tellier has a Space Opera side, a Mary Poppins side with a big beard (laughs). But there are also serene, peaceful sides. Tellier is touching, authentic with this album ".

The album, which appears six years after "L'Aventura" and recalls the surges of "Sexuality" (2008), is not centered solely on household chores. The light that emerges from the pieces also owes the evocation of Italy, "country that counts" in the artist's life. "Venezia" was thus composed in Venice and "Yes" is inspired by the marriage of Tellier on the shores of Lake Garda.

"A lot of music comes to me from memories of holidays, Italy, I have been staying there for 15 years, it was there that I asked my wife for marriage, there that we is married, there that I took my son for the first time on vacation, then my daughter, "he says. "It is not a glorification of the holidays, but to evoke memories, like feelings of heat on the skin".

- "My musical master" -

But "domestic life" quickly returns to the conversation. "Marriage, this bubbling, magical day, I've been going around for a while to make a song of it. It has its place in this album, it's my naughty side: I say + yes marriage is fabulous, but married life also means making the bed, cleaning up + (laughs) ".

What about life in confinement? Tellier saw this parenthesis arrive with a "perky" eye: "nice, we're going to play Fortnite (video game), cuddle the children, wine sauces (laughs)".

But this period was marked by the disappearance of the singer Christophe - "my musical master" - with whom he was close and of Tony Allen, mythical drummer - "the best in the world" - who had given his frame to his famous song "La Ritournelle " (2004).

"And before, others left, like Philippe Zdar (musician) and Karl Lagerfeld (Tellier is a Chanel muse): many people around me are no longer there. So I tell myself that we must enjoy life , go ahead and try to build on what they have taught me. "

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