Antoine Maurice (Citizen Archipelago, top) and Nadia Pellefigue (PS, PCF, PRG, bottom) and Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR, supported by LREM, right). - 20 Minutes Editing

  • After the first round of the municipal elections, two candidates on the left are still in the running against the outgoing mayor, Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR): the ecologist Antoine Maurice (27.56%) and the socialist Nadia Pellefigue (18.53%) .
  • The negotiations between the two candidates on the left have still not been completed, while the list deposit must take place no later than Tuesday.
  • According to an Ifop poll sponsored by Citizen Archipelago, a union list of the left would come out on top with 52% of the vote against Jean-Luc Moudenc.

Tuesday, the dice will be thrown and we will know if the second ballot will see the outgoing mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR), opposed to a single candidate or two challengers on the left. In the meantime, on the side of the teams of Antoine Maurice (Archipel-EELV-LFI) and Nadia Pellefigue (A -PS-PRG-PC), negotiations have been going well for a few days, without succeeding.

Results of the municipal elections in Toulouse

Thursday evening, they were again together to discuss program, but also governance: the socialist candidate, who obtained 18.53% of the vote on March 15, offered the head of the ecological list (27.56%) a ticket where he would be mayor and she president of the metropolis. Defends him "a governance based on the proportion of the results of the first round".

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Intention to vote in the second round - hypothesis of a duel # EELV #LFI #PS #PCF #Gs #PP - @AntoineMAURICE 52% # LR #LREM #UDI - @jlmoudenc 48%

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- Ifop Opinion (@IfopOpinion) May 29, 2020

He therefore declined his offer. While waiting to find a point of convergence, the head of the Archipel Citoyen list can count on the support of the former mayor of Toulouse, Pierre Cohen who obtained 5.66%. But also since this Friday on the results of a survey sponsored by his list with Ifop.

Carried out from May 22 to 25 with 705 people, this study of voting intentions gives him a winner in the second round against Jean-Luc Moudenc with 52% of the votes cast if he is at the head of a union list. If Nadia Pellefigue maintains her candidacy, Jean-Luc Moudenc would then be re-elected with 44% of the votes, Antoine Maurice would obtain 39% and Nadia Pellefigue 17%.


For Archipel, the ball is therefore today in Nadia Pellefigue's court. But in the entourage of the candidate of Une, “it is the one in the lead who is responsible for the union. If they want to win, everything must be done ", insists one, specifying that a Maurice-Pellefigue ticket would allow an easier carryover of the votes" because one should not believe that the Pellefigue electorate will refer like that ".

The Socialist Party would push Nadia Pellefigue's troops into union to reconquer the Capitol, six years after having lost it. If no new appointment is yet set between the two candidates, the weekend should not be easy for the Toulouse left.


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