Iraqi lawmakers said that there is a trend in parliament to legislate a law condemning Saudi Arabia for sending many of what they described as terrorists during the war that took place several years ago.

A member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Abbas Sarrout, said that there are numerous calls made by deputies, parliamentary blocs, and political forces to open what he called the file "Saudi terrorists in Iraq."

He attributed the terms of opening this file to the ability of the Iraqi security authorities during the recent period to obtain what he said were confessions of the entry of thousands of what he described as Saudi suicide bombers and terrorists, and that they carried out operations that caused the killing and wounding of thousands of Iraqis, he said.

The Iraqi MP said that Baghdad has the right to demand the rights of the dead and wounded, and that it is possible to legislate a law that obliges Saudi Arabia to pay financial compensation, as the United States has done by legislating what is known as the "Justice Law Against Terrorism Sponsors" (JASTA).

For his part, head of the "Sadikoun" parliamentary bloc Hassan Salem criticized what he described as the humiliation and submission of the Iraqi government to Saudi Arabia, in reference to the visit of the Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi to the Kingdom a few days ago, in an effort to obtain Saudi financial support to face the economic crisis that Iraq is going through.

Salem said that it was the first of the Iraqi government to save the blood of the Iraqis and file a complaint with the International Criminal Court, and hold Saudi Arabia accountable for what it described as terrorist crimes and fined it a trillion dollars in compensation for Iraq.

In late 2016, the US Congress passed the "Justa" law, which received strong support from members of the House and Senate, whether belonging to the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.

The law does not explicitly refer to Saudi Arabia, but it does authorize the families of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks to file claims against Saudi Arabia for allegedly supporting the perpetrators of these attacks.