The Naham fronts in Sanaa, Sarwah in Marib, Hazm in Al-Jawf, and Qania in Al-Bayda witnessed fierce battles between the Yemeni army on the one hand, and tribes on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other, leaving dead and wounded among the militias, while 35 militia members were killed in Naham, Marib, and Al-Jawf, including field commanders, while violations of the armistice continued on the fronts of the West Coast.

In details, the Yemeni army forces, backed by the tribes, managed to break a massive attack by the Houthi revolutionary militia towards their locations in Nahham, northeast of the capital, Sana'a, and suffered heavy losses, according to field sources, confirming that the attack extended from the vicinity of Jabal Salb to the al-Jawf junction between Sana'a, Ma'rib and Al-Jawf.

The sources confirmed that the army was able to kill 11 Houthi elements in the attack, including field commanders, as well as injuring others and destroy military vehicles, including three military vehicles, noting that the bodies of the Houthi dead were transported to Amran Governorate, north of the capital, Sanaa.

Local and other medical sources in Amran confirmed the arrival of 35 bodies of Houthi elements who had fallen in the fronts of Naham, Ma'rib and Al-Jawf during the past two days, including four leaders: Haitham Abdul-Malik Jahiz, Zmam Ali Ali Zemam, Jalal Al-Qamali and Muhammad Al-Qamali.

In Al-Jawf, coalition fighters managed to destroy militia military vehicles in the vicinity of al-Hazm directorate, the capital of the governorate, after their arrival from Amran and Sana'a to support their positions in the city that the army and tribes are seeking to restore, resulting in the destruction of vehicles and a vehicle and wounding those on board of the Houthis.

Several areas in the vicinity of Al-Hazam witnessed an exchange of artillery shelling between the army and militias, while the latter intruded into and robbed all government facilities and private institutions in Al-Hazam, according to the director of the Information Office in Al-Jouf, Yahya Qam'a, indicating in a post on Twitter that Militias stormed the headquarters of the private sector, and looted most commercial establishments and petrol stations in Al-Hazm and their areas of control. In Marib, yesterday, violent battles continued between the army and tribes, and the Houthi militia on the Sarawah fronts that stretch from the narcotic to the vicinity of the Sarwah market, during which the militias incurred heavy losses according to field sources, noting that coalition fighters supported the army and launched a series of raids targeting Houthi reinforcements in The vicinity of Sarwah, Narcotic and Halan.

Military sources in Marib confirmed the army's right to respond to the missile attack that targeted the headquarters of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense in the Sahn al-Jin camp by the Houthis and left eight dead and a number of wounded, while the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Muhammad al-Maqdashi, and the Chief of Staff of the Army, Major General Saghir Bin Aziz, from him. The sources confirmed that the Houthi attack came in response to the army’s progress in Sarwah and its control of 55% of the district’s area, with its continued progress towards the capital’s southern countryside.

In Al-Bayda, the Houthi army and tribes forces were able to repel an attack by the Houthi militia towards their positions on the Qaniya front, and suffered heavy losses.

In Hodeidah, the joint forces thwarted an attempt to infiltrate Houthi elements towards the Directorate of the Faza and Jabaliya regions in Al-Tahita, south of the governorate, after monitoring their movements, according to sources in the Giants forces, indicating that attempts to infiltrate with appropriate weapons were dealt with, and the Houthis suffered significant losses.

Houthi militias on the West Coast continue their military escalation and targeting villages, residential neighborhoods and farms along the liberated areas of the West Coast, using various types of weapons, including drones.

In the city of Hodeidah, the militias continued yesterday targeting the locations of the joint forces and residential neighborhoods in the Kilo 16 areas east of the city and towards the residential city of Al-Saleh and Khamseen Street, prompting the joint forces to deal with the sources of the fire and suppress it.

In Aden, a high-ranking military commander in the fourth military region survived an assassination attempt yesterday, according to security sources, confirming that the chief financial officer in the fourth military region, Brigadier Mohamed Ismail, survived an assassination attempt by planting an explosive device in his car.

The sources pointed out that the son of Brigadier Ismail was injured and the car that was parked near his house in Abdul Qawi neighborhood of Al-Mansoura district was burned.

- The army was able to kill 11 Houthi elements after an attack in Neham and destroyed military vehicles, including three vehicles.

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