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  • The good news is accumulating in France: the pressure continues to decrease on the health system: 15,228 people are hospitalized, 472 less than the day before, and 1,429 (-72) people are in intensive care.
  • Result: Edouard Philippe announced yesterday that "freedom will return and the rule and prohibition the exception" during his press conference on the second stage of deconfinement.
  • However, in the rest of the world, the epidemic is accelerating: 117,000 people were infected yesterday. Worst daily result since the start of the pandemic in China in December.



"From Saturday morning, most green spaces will reopen" in Paris


Schools and colleges open in June, no oral exam for the French bac, Blanquer announces


8:58 a.m .: No simplification of the health protocol in schools before the start of the school year, according to Jean-Michel Blanquer

Invited to France Info, the Minister of Education was clear on the subject: "If we lighten the health protocol, it will be for the start of the school year in September. This means that lessons with a maximum of 15 students per class, masked educational staff and compliance with barrier measures will last until the holidays.

8:56 a.m .: Yes, why?

Delphine Bancaud, our education specialist, explains to you.

Why reopen high schools for a month at all costs?

- 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) May 29, 2020

8:50 a.m .: One third less consumption in April compared to February

Household consumption in France dropped by a third (33.7%) in April compared to February, and 20.2% compared to March, according to data published by INSEE on Friday . In April, the French were confined for the entire month due to the coronavirus pandemic, while containment was only in place during the second half of March.

8:49 a.m .: Inflation drops sharply to 0.2% year-on-year in May (INSEE, provisional)

8 h 47: The fall in GDP in the first quarter revised down to -5.3% (Insee)

Understand: it's less bad than what was said at first. INSEE is thus revising its previous estimate of a drop of -5.8% published at the end of April. "This unusually strong revision is explained by the replacement of certain estimates and extrapolations for the month of March, very affected by the containment measures" implemented from March 17, explains the National Institute of Statistics in a press release .

8:46 a.m .: Korea (re) takes action

South Korea on Friday imposed restrictions on the number of students its schools can accommodate in Seoul and the surrounding area in the hope of circumscribing new foci of coronavirus contamination. Nurseries, primary schools and colleges in the metropolitan area of ​​Seoul, where half the country's population lives, will only be able to accommodate one in three children, and the rest will have to follow distance education.

South Korea was the second country most affected by the epidemic after its Chinese outbreak in late February, but the government has managed to contain the situation thanks to a very extensive strategy of testing and tracing the contacts of infected persons which caused it earned praise from foreign capitals.

8:42 a.m .: Venice gondola builders, forgotten by the crisis

Only a handful remain in Venice, nestled in a few corners of the lagoon: the “squeri”, small shipyards manufacturing the famous gondolas, count on the return of tourists, a token of salvation for their ancestral activity. Of the multitude that inhabited Venice at the time of the painter Canaletto, known for his panoramas of the Serenissima in the 18th century, only four squeri have survived until today, all almost stopped since the coronavirus epidemic emptied the city of its gondolas.

"Venice without the gondolas is dark, it no longer has any meaning", laments Roberto Dei Rossi, one of the rare carpenters to continue the tradition of "squeraioli", the builders of these black and elongated boats, unique in the world . "Each time I put a new one in the water, it's like attending a birth, it's my creation," smiles this 58-year-old Venetian. He says he produces four to five gondolas a year, each being made entirely by hand for nearly 400 hours of work.

8:33 am: Continuation of the “clandestine match” affair

Gilles Varela, from the 20 Minutes Strasbourg office, explains it to you.

Police custody and auditions for the inter-district football match in Strasbourg

- 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) May 28, 2020

8:24 a.m .: Epicentral do Brasil

Brazil, considered the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, on Thursday recorded more than 1,000 deaths and a national record of infections in the past 24 hours. Some 26,417 new infections have been identified, for a total of 438,238, according to the Ministry of Health of the second most infected country in the world, behind the United States (more than 1.7 million). Brazil had its third worst daily death toll on Thursday, with 1,156 dead, for a total of 26,754.

8:15 a.m .: The mobile terrace, hello from the coffee makers?

Mikaël Libert, from our Lille office, presents this idea to you.

#Rediff A solution that reconciles bistro opening and sanitary rules

- 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) May 28, 2020

8:06 a.m .: Peru hit hard

Peru has surpassed the 4,000 dead mark on Thursday since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in March, with 116 new deaths in twenty-four hours, and more than 141,000 cases recorded, the Ministry of Health said. This Andean country is the second most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in Latin America after Brazil. He registered 5,874 new cases in twenty-four hours, a new record figure after the 5,772 cases recorded on Tuesday. The death toll has now reached 4,099 in this country of 33 million people. Its health system is saturated, with 8,395 hospitalized patients, and an economy half paralyzed.

7:57 a.m .: Update on government announcements

Anissa Boumediene stuck to it.

What should we take away from Act II of the government's deconfinement plan?

- 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) May 28, 2020

7:48 a.m .: More than 27% of intensive care beds occupied by Covid-19 patients

That's a lot, but remember that at the worst of the crisis it was… 136%.

27% of resuscitation beds are occupied by patients # Covid19

- GRZ (@GuillaumeRozier) May 28, 2020

7:39 a.m .: The Covid worsens the crisis at Renault

French automaker Renault, in financial difficulty, announced on Friday the loss of about 15,000 jobs worldwide, including 4,600 in France, as part of a savings plan of more than 2 billion euros over three years . "This project is vital," said executive director Clotilde Delbos, quoted in a statement. Renault, which suffers from global production overcapacity, announced in February its first losses in ten years, entering the crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic weakened.

7:30 a.m .: More than 1,200 new dead in the United States

The United States recorded 1,297 new deaths from the coronavirus on Thursday in twenty-four hours, according to the daily count of Johns Hopkins University, which refers, at 8:30 p.m. Thursday (00:30 GMT Friday). This brings to 101,573 the total number of deaths deplored in the country, by far the most bereaved by the pandemic, the symbolic bar of 100,000 deaths having been crossed the day before.

7:21 a.m .: 5.810.331

It is the number of people infected with the new coronavirus worldwide, counted by the American Johns-Hopkins University, which refers in the matter. The very bad news is that for several days, thanks to the development of the epidemic in South America, the number of daily contamination has increased again. To the point that yesterday, 117,000 new people were infected. It is the worst day since the start of the pandemic.

Hello to all ! Welcome to this new daily live 20 Minutes on the pandemic that the world has been going through since the start of the year. Good news: "freedom will become the rule again" in France, from Tuesday, as announced by Edouard Philippe. Bad news: in the rest of the world the number of contaminations is increasing. We follow it all together.

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