• Usa: two million new unemployed in a week, 41 million since the start of the Covid emergency
  • Nyt: The Trump administration has a plan to send Chinese army-related students away
  • Trump: "China is incompetent or did not want to stop the coronavirus"
  • In the US over 1500 dead in one day, Trump wants the G7 in Camp David in June


May 29, 2020 - The United States - in the past 24 hours - has recorded 1,297 more deaths from coronavirus according to the daily count made by Johns Hopkins University. Thus the total death toll rises to 101,573. 1,720. 613 cases of positivity to covid-19, more than any other nation. In the meantime, the alarm has gone off again in California, where the highest daily number of new infections has been recorded, well 2,617 in 24 hours. The previous peak had been that of May 5 with 2,603 ​​cases. In total, there are over 101,000, 3,973 victims in the state. 

Trump: Today press conference on China
United States President Donald Trump has announced that he will hold a press conference on China today. The announcement comes at a time of intense tension between the two countries over Hong Kong and the coronavirus epidemic. Trump did not, however, give details of what he will say. The new law passed by Beijing on the security of the former British colony sparked the reaction of the White House, fearing that the squeeze could be used to further restrict the margins of autonomy. All in a context in which Washington and Beijing are already clashing over the responsibility for the extension of the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China but which caused over 100 thousand victims in the United States, the highest number in the whole world. 

New York: Stores may deny access to customers who do not wear the mask
Stores, malls and other establishments in New York state will be able to deny access and service to customers who refuse to wear the mask. This was announced by state governor Andrew Cuomo. Flanked in his daily briefing by comedian Chris Rock and actress Rosie Perez, Cuomo made an appeal to New Yorkers to wear the mask and undergo the test.

"Everyone please take the test, wear the mask - said Perez - our governor is a rock star and makes us proud to be New Yorkers". In stark contrast to Donald Trump, who not only refuses to wear a mask but has made fun of Joe Biden for showing himself in public wearing it, Cuomo has insisted that wearing the mask is a "cool" thing and for this he asked to celebrities to help him get the message across to New Yorkers. "It is extraordinarily effective and we have made it mandatory in public places - he said - but now that we are talking about reopening shops and other offices we are giving the right to the owners to say that you cannot enter if you are not wearing a mask" .

. @ rosieperezbklyn wants you to do the right thing. pic.twitter.com/95pqIM9i2G

- Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) May 28, 2020
Boston Marathon canceled: Never happened in 124 years of history
The Boston Marathon has been canceled. It is the first time it has happened in 124 years of history. The decision to cancel the event was made because of fears of the coronavirus epidemic. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said the race, which had already been postponed to September 14th from his April slot, will not be held as planned for public health reasons: "There is no way to keep the usual format tender without bringing a large number of people - said Walsh - would not have been responsible or realistic on September 14 or any time of this year ". Boston is the oldest marathon in the world and has been running continuously since 1897. The other two major marathons scheduled in the United States later this year - Chicago on October 11 and New York on November 1 - remain for now on the calendar.