Coronavirus: Canada Concerned Over Raising Anti-Chinese Racist Acts

The storefront of the Chinese Cultural Center in Vancouver, which was vandalized by racist acts and then placed under police surveillance, on May 21, 2020. David P. BALL / AFP

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Canada has not escaped the wave of anti-Chinese racist acts since the start of the pandemic. Monuments have been vandalized in Vancouver, the third city of the country which shelters a large community of Chinese and Asian origin. Police say the number of hate incidents is skyrocketing in this metropolis, even though local and Canadian authorities are fighting racism.


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With our correspondent in Quebec, Pascale Guéricolas

Fear of the pandemic may have crystallized latent anti-Chinese racism in Canada. Even today, some would like to send home the descendants of the populations who came from China to build the railway in Western Canada at the end of the 19th century.

Second-class citizens

Considered second-class citizens until the 1940s, Chinese Canadians regularly suffered insults or even attacks linked to their origin.

The outbreak of the pandemic in China has rekindled this dormant tension and even Dr. Teresa Tam, who advises Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the Covid-19, is no exception. Covering words, Conservative opposition MPs questioned his loyalty on the grounds that the chief doctor was born in Hong Kong.

Racism is a virus  "

Faced with this climate, British Columbia Prime Minister John Horgan launched: "  Racism is a virus  ". Justin Trudeau denounced Friday, May 22, meanwhile, the " unacceptable  " assaults  suffered by Canadians of Chinese origin.

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