The urban cable car in Brest - F. Tanneau / AFP

"The community cannot be satisfied with this situation". In Brest Métropole, we have a moderate taste of the new cable car breakdown. Restored on May 18 after a forced shutdown due to confinement, the equipment of the city of Ponant is experiencing "recurring operating difficulties", according to the community. The operator therefore decided to shut it down. Once again.

These difficulties would be linked to a problem of "crabbing the cabin" due to a lack of synchronization of the towing cables. A recurring problem since the cable car was put into service in November 2016. In its press release, Brest Métropole mentions "structural constraints" and in particular "abnormal wear of the hardware".

"Propose relevant technical solutions"

The first cable car in urban areas of mainland France, public transport equipment wipes away the plaster. Since its commissioning, it has regularly broken down, which irritates the community. "It is up to the manufacturer, in conjunction with the operator, to propose the relevant technical solutions and to allow reopening to the public as soon as possible".

The cable car is part of the public transport network of the Brest metropolitan area, managed since July 2019 by RATP Dev, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RATP. It was built by the Swiss group Bartholet Maschinenbau Flums (BMF), which specializes in ski lifts and amusement parks. Necessary to open up the Capuchin plateau, the cable car required an investment of around 19 million euros.


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