Eva Berglund is a specialist nurse and according to her the situation is unsustainable.

- We are very tired. We want to contribute to this situation, but we must recover. We feel exploited.

In an open letter describing the situation of the nurses in intensive care, several of the staff demand clear notice of vacation, reasonable working conditions with time for recovery and financial compensation for those who move or shorten their vacation due to prevailing situation.

But at the same time, is it a very special situation that prevails now?

- We are fully aware of this. We understand that it is difficult for the management, but when we started to alarm about this already several weeks ago, we think we should have had better preparedness.

No compensation is discussed

Kjell Ivarsson, who is the medical director for the surgical care business area, regrets the situation but says that it was difficult to give earlier information about holidays because they wanted to get a better basis for getting a good forecast of how well-equipped medical care needs to be during the summer.

The message now is that everyone should have a holiday, but there will be no financial compensation for moved or reduced leave.

- We see first and foremost that we can offer vacations during the weeks that the summer vacation is. Then we get to have individual discussions with employees and their immediate manager about how we can best relieve that vacancy.

But there will be no financial compensation?

- We do not currently have that dialogue.

For Eva Berglund and many others, the uncertainty surrounding the summer remains despite the message that there will be holidays for everyone.

- We still do not know when to get our vacation, and it is already granted vacation that hangs in the air. We do not know how long this will continue.