An agent who was involved in the death of 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week was arrested by police on Friday. It has been restless in the United States for three days because of Floyd's death.

Derk Chauvin was arrested on Friday by the Minnesota state police. Chauvin had eighteen complaints against him prior to Monday's fatal arrest, CNN reports .

The charges for which Chauvin has been arrested are not known at this time. These will be announced later on Friday.

The agent, along with three other colleagues, was fired earlier this week after images of a bystander leaked from Floyd's arrest. The video shows officers holding the black man on the ground. Chauvin has his knee on Floyd's neck for minutes, crying that he is not getting any air. Floyd later died in the hospital.

It is still unknown if the other three officers will be arrested. The FBI is investigating the arrest.


Black American dies after heavy arrest

"Man resisted on arrest"

The police say they followed a report by a man who tried to use a forged document in a store. According to them, he resisted his arrest and then had a medical incident.

In Minneapolis, kneeling on a suspect's neck is allowed, provided someone resists an arrest. However, according to the lawyer of Floyds family, he did not use violence in his arrest.

Arrest leads to US demonstrations

Floyd's death sparked a wave of demonstrations across the country. In several places in the night from Thursday to Friday clashes between protesters and the police occurred. A police station was also set on fire.

The Colorado State Capitol in Denver was sealed off after shots were heard near a demonstration. The Ohio State Parliament Building in Columbus was stormed by protesters, including windows that were broken, and agents in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, were pelted with stones.

More than 40 protesters were arrested in New York, and in Minneapolis, police charged a CNN camera crew while reporting live demonstrations.

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