On July 18 of last year, a helicopter shooting video that lit up a building surrounded by fierce flames during the day appeared on every screen broadcast by a Japanese broadcaster. It was the first studio building in Kyoto Animation (Kyoani), an animation production company located in Momoyama-machi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto Prefecture.

Of the employees of the company, who were on their way to work on a regular day, every day, in an ordinary early summer, 33 people died in the field and 33 others were injured. Of the injured to the hospital, one was killed the day after the fire, one after a week, and one in October, three months later, resulting in 36 deaths. Except for the 2001 Tokyo Shinjuku Kabukicho building fire incident (44 deaths), it was the largest fire disaster in Japan since the end of the war.

The place where the tragedy occurred is "Animation Country", one of the famous production companies in Japan, Kyoto Animation. Established in 1981 as a subcontractor, it has been recognized for its ability to produce famous theaters, and has since raised its stance by producing animations based on original animations and light novels. It was a place where she secured a wide range of 'Kyoani Fans' by producing hit films such as <Haruhi Suzumiya>, <Lucky ☆ Star>, and <Kyon>. The Japanese archipelago was shocked by the devastating incidents of 36 dead and 33 wounded at the same time as the 'core maker' of Japanese animation.

The fire was found to be due to fire protection. The man was found dead on a road tens of meters from the fire site. At that time, 41-year-old Shinji Aoba boarded the first floor of Kyoni's first studio building on the morning, shouting 'dead!' And sprinkled gasoline on fire. The crime was planned. A few days ago, a CCTV photographed Aoba roaming the town was unveiled, and several weapons, such as swords and hammers, were found in the bag he had at the time of the crime. On the first floor of the first studio, Aoba's own clothes ignited in the process of spraying and lighting gasoline, but the gasoline soaked in the upper and lower parts of the fire caused severe burns from face to toe.

Aoba was transferred from the site to a hospital in Kyoto, and two days later he was transferred to a hospital specializing in burns in Osaka. It has been 20 days since Aoba, who had been in critical condition forever, recovered his consciousness. A few months later, it was reported that he had undergone reconstructive surgery to implant his skin or artificial skin into an affected area by burning his entire body. While Aoba was being treated, the police asked the hospital to keep him informed of the incident. It was because of the concern that if the treatment was adversely affected, the police position, which would have to reveal the whole story after the treatment, would be difficult.

Aoba was arrested yesterday (27th), 10 months after the incident. It wasn't cured, but the police decided that Aoba was now ready for investigation. Aoba's charges include murder, attempted murder, and arson fire prevention. In fact, the investigation could have been done for some time, but it seems that the arrest was delayed due to the 'emergency declaration' issued across Japan due to Corona19. Last morning, the police visited Aoba's hospital room to read the arrest and execute the arrest. Aoba said that he knew for the first time that 36 people had died in his arson.

"I thought it was about 2 people."

In an investigation by the police later, Aoba admitted to the charges, but said: The investigative official said that he was the first two people to see when he left the scene after committing a crime on the first floor of the first studio. "I didn't think there would be so many (victims)" Passed on. Then he repeated the statement in the first survey in November last year that "I thought using gasoline could kill a lot of people." It is said that even after knowing exactly about the human damage of the terrible arson disaster, there was no loss or distraction.

In a piecemeal police investigation before arrest, Aoba claimed that "Kyoani stole my novel. I could not forgive it." Since 2009, Kyoto Animation has held a novel contest (Kyoani Grand Prize), which is the original work of animation every year, and Aoba applied for two novels he wrote here, but he was disappointed, and animation was performed with his work that Kyani had won. It is made. In response, Kyoani said, "There was an entry that was presumed to be the culprit (with the same address and name), but it was eliminated in the first stage because it did not have the format to be judged. After Aoba submits the work, it is possible to estimate whether Aoba's thoughts are reasonable or just delusional by comparing the animations produced by Kyony and Aoba's works, but Kyoani said, "Without your permission, you can't make it public." Of course, even if Aoba's suspicion is true by making a concession, it is no wonder that it can never be the reason for the death of 36 people.

10 months since the terrible arson event. Suspected Aoba suspect, who was only arrested 'formally', will be investigated by the Kyoto Prefectural Police (Pukyeong) at the Osaka Detention Center. Aoba is still unable to stand up on his own (he was carried on a stretcher when he was transferred to the detention center), and there were restrictions on the time for police investigation. The police plan to investigate the status of Aoba's body and investigate the circumstances leading to the incident. The Tokyo Newspaper said yesterday that the doctor in charge of treating Aoba suspect who had seriously burned the whole body with the belief that 'the truth of the case should be investigated'. One day in September of last year, the doctor answered to Aoba, "I will be a death penalty anyway. I do not intend to receive rehabilitation treatment."

"You must live and face your sins face to face."

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)