Many are impressed by the story of a Filipino man who sang hopes steadily despite suffering.

On the 27th of the local time, foreigners such as the British Daily Mail introduced the story of 39-year-old Jilam Samson, who lives in Samboang Gashibubu, Philippines.

Born with congenital anomalies, Samson was bullied by his peers throughout his school days because of his unusual lumbering. Whenever he did, Samson had to sing, paint, and comfort himself.
But this activity started as a hobby, and Samson soon began to show talent. As more people recognized and respected their skills, harassment gradually decreased. 

As I gained popularity by word of mouth, I asked for a song at a local event, and there were constant suggestions for painting murals on buildings such as schools. It is enough to make a living by singing and painting.

"I gained the strength and confidence to overcome the brutal teasing while singing and drawing," said Samson. He continued, "If there are people who feel that life is not happy, I want to tell them to try and find something only for me and to make myself feel special."

Samson, who recently started posting videos on YouTube, said that he hopes that the situation in Corona 19 will improve and that he will be able to meet people, sing and peacefully draw back.

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