In addition, Democratic Party President Yoon Mi-hyang held a press conference today (29th) at 2 pm in the National Assembly and expressed his position on suspicion of fraud during the period of justice and memory. 

"I sincerely apologize for hurting and hurting the people," Yun explained, explaining allegations of donation, embezzlement, and suspicion of funding for studying abroad. 

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the 26th, another victim's grandmother passed away.

First of all, as a support for 30 years of demand demonstrations, we testified to the spirits of the victims of the Japanese comfort women who died without being officially apologized by the Japanese government of the perpetrating country, despite suffering from soldiers and suffering from the world. .

Chung Dae-hyup's 30 years were possible because the victims' grandmothers, citizens, and citizens of the world were together.

We sincerely apologize for the deep wounds and worries that have occurred to all who have been trusted and entrusted.

On the 7th, I am very sorry that I have not been able to explain the facts more quickly about the questions, suspicions, and sometimes malicious distortions that have flowed since Lee's press conference.

It was even more difficult because it originated from the fierce criticism of the victim, who became a symbol of the Dae Dae Hyup movement as a human rights activist beyond the victims.

In the course of the 30-year-old unprecedented Jeong Dae-hyup movement, we did not resonate with grandmothers more delicately, reflecting and innovating every moment with the urge to restore the honor of the victims, even if they lived more quickly. I'm looking back at myself and checking again.

Rearranging the many facts of 30 years has never been easier. I apologize once again to the people for waiting to express my position. From now on, I will tell you about the things that the people of Korea are curious about.

We have already clarified the facts of relationship from Jeong-Yeon Yeon, etc., so we will avoid and avoid duplicates as much as possible.

Today's unexplained content will be revealed without any doubts, until it is decided that the people are sufficient without dwelling in my place. However, we are forewarned that we will not be able to tell you all the details because we are in the process of investigating the prosecution.

First of all, I'd like to point out the point that "I don't spend my money raised on my grandmother. I don't deliver it."

Dae Daehyup has raised three funds to support the entire victims.

At the beginning of the movement in 1992, the lives of the victims were so difficult, so we raised a national fund once, and the amount raised was distributed equally to 2.5 million won to the victims who reported at the time.

Secondly, when the Japanese government said that it would create an Asian Women's Peace National Fund through the fundraising of private condolences rather than legal reparations, it would actively reward the victims with grandmothers. About KRW 43 million was donated to the Women's National Fund.

Third, in order to invalidate the 2015 Korea-Japan Agreement and to provide a just solution, we raised a national fund and delivered 100 million won to the grandmothers who refused 1 billion yen.

On May 8, Eui-Yeon Jeong already released a receipt that delivered 100 million won in 2017, and a receipt that delivered the money raised in 1992.

Apart from deeply caring about Lee's grandmother's intellectuals and opinions, it is not true that she has never delivered money raised directly to victims for cash.

Basically, Jeong Dae-hyup and Jeong Eui-yeon gave the Japanese government 1. The historical facts, 2 truth investigation, 3. Official apology, 4. Legal compensation, 5. Recorded in the history textbook, and educated. , 7.We are acting asking for the punishment of the person in charge.

In order to realize this, Dae Dae-hyup has publicly conducted various activities to solve problems, including survivor welfare activities, and has thought that all of these activities are a way to restore the honor and human rights of grandmothers.

Of course, there are organizations that provide monthly visits to victims, phone calls, and support necessary for living, and support in areas where grandmothers live.

On the other hand, in the case of welfare projects such as subsidizing living expenses to grandmothers, the 'Japanese National Comfort Women Victims of Life Stabilization Support and Commemorative Project Support Act' was enacted in 1993 by the Great Daehyeop Legislative Movement, and has been implemented by national and local governments.

Therefore, some of the criticisms as to why not donating all the money to the grandmother did not look at the achievements and the aims of the Jeong Dae-hyup and Jeong Eui-yeon movements.

I would be grateful if you could take a broad look at the 30-year-old sportsman.

Problems with Jeong-Yeon Yeon (Jung Dae-Hyeop) activities a. Anseong Healing Center (Anseong Resting Center) Let me tell you about Anseong Healing Center.

The purchase process, social welfare community fundraising business evaluation, and the background and process of the sale have already been announced in detail at Jeong-yeon Yeon.

In order to save time, I will explain why I had no choice but to lose and sell on April 23rd.

First, in relation to the purchase of Anseong Healing Center, some media raised the suspicion that Jeong Daehyup bought 'Sangjung-ri House in Geumgwang-myeon, Anseong-si, more than 400 million won higher than the market price'.

But this is not true at all.

'House of Sangjung-ri, Geumgwang-myeon, Anseong-si' was a new building of 60 pyeong.

At the time, the homeowner said that the cost of construction was built by the Steel House construction method, which costs more than 6 million won per pyeong, and that it cost 700 million won in civil engineering and construction work.

At that time, they tried to lower the selling price as much as possible, and the seller heard the purpose of the establishment of the healing center and said, 'I do a good job' and finally agreed to adjust the sale price to 750 million won, which led to the sale.

In the process, it raises suspicions that 'the introduction of President-elect Gyu-min Lee bought a healing center at a high price and embezzled the difference', but this is also clearly not true.

At the time of June 2013, officials at Jeong Yeon Yeon were looking around Gyeonggi-do to purchase a healing center, and when they heard the news, President Lee Gyu-min, the representative of the Anseong Newspaper, introduced his real estate through acquaintances and answered 'Sangjung-ri, Geumgwang-myeon, Anseong-si'. .

At the time, the purchase was decided by evaluating that the house was a new building, that the landscape or building structure was in line with the purpose of the healing center, and that transportation was convenient.

After the transaction was concluded, Dae Dae-hyup never paid money for money to broker elect Lee Gyu-min for brokerage fees.

Subsequently, in September 2015, the Social Welfare Fundraiser conducted an interim evaluation on the Anseong Healing Center, and on December 30 of the year, through the official letter, it requested 'the suspension of business, the return of the project cost, and the sale of the Healing Center' through the official letter.

So, from 2016, Jung Yeon Yeon has launched the Anseong Healing Center on the market.

At the time of the sale, the depreciation of the house, the price of the building decreased over time due to the lack of a long-term buyer, and the price of the sale was determined according to the market price, and as a result, it was sold at KRW 420 million.

Since there was no applicant to purchase for the 5th year, the project cost could not be returned, and the difficultly concluded contract could not be put off.

As explained, the Anseong Healing Center was not sold at a bargain price unlike the market price, but was made according to the market price at the time.

We are sorry for the damage caused by the donation as a result of the delay in the sale for a long time.

However, I can clearly and confidently say that I did not take any unfair advantage in the process of buying and selling the Healing Center.

Some media have raised suspicion that our couple and Gyu-min Lee participated in the Vietnam Butterfly Tour after the Anseong Healing Center.

There is no relationship between the Anseong Healing Center transaction and the butterfly tour, and all participants took their own expenses.

I. There was a claim that even though I knew in advance the contents of the 2015 Korea-Japan Agreement, I did not inform the grandmothers, including Lee Yong-soo, of the 2015 Korea-Japan Agreement.

However, as it was said, this is clearly not true.

This fact was confirmed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' announcement.

On May 12, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefed on the report of the Japanese-Japanese comfort women victims 'consensus review that "there were' no specific information 'and' there were no comments on victims '.'

There was also a claim that after the agreement between the Japanese and Korean governments in 2015, I prevented my grandmothers from receiving the consolation money from the Japanese government.

In addition, as Jeong Yeon-yeon has faithfully explained several times, all grandmothers have been confirmed to be the recipients, and they have to decide whether or not to accept them according to their own will.

At the time, I made it clear that my grandmothers should not sell them as having agreed to the 2015 Korea-Japan Agreement, but rather, the two countries are primarily responsible for the issue.

I deeply regret that the diplomatic officials who have unilaterally agreed on the secret room, excluding the victims of the victims, pass the responsibility of the wrong agreement to Jeong Dae-hyeop and me.

All. My husband's newspaper, Jeong-yeon Yeon, etc., and my husband's newspaper-related reporter, I'm talking about the suspicion that I got an unfair advantage by winning a job for Jeong-yeon.

Eui-Yeon Jung once a year reports the activities of the year in November, the founding month, and publishes a newsletter that presents major business plans in the future.

In 2019, Jeong Yeon confirmed the estimates to four companies, including the Suwon Citizen Newspaper, to select a company, and entrusted the design, editing, and printing of the newsletter to the Suwon Citizen Newspaper, which presented the lowest amount at the time.

In the process of making a newsletter, I have never had any benefit from my husband or me.

la. Ryu Kyung Sik's Overseas Employees' Invitation to North Korea I would like to share my suspicion that I invited or sympathized with Ryu Kyung Sik's North Korean defectors.

Victims of grandmothers often invited victims of sexual violence, human rights movement-related parties, and activists to meet and dine and form meals through exchange meetings.

It was an exchange meeting with the same purpose, such as a meeting with Marimond staff, Jajangmyeon Day, meeting with peace butterflies, and inviting survivors of the World Armed Forces Conflict Zone to deliver messages from grandmothers as a female human rights movement senior.

In November 2018, my husband and lawyer Kyung-Wook Jang suggested to me and Jung Dae-hyeop that I would meet with Grandmother Gil Won-ok, saying, 'It would be a great power for North Korean defectors to meet the grandmothers themselves.'

On November 17, 2018, Mapo Shelter invited North Korean defector Ryu Kyung Sik to our house of peace to have dinner and chat with food prepared by activists.

Gil Won-ok and Pyongyang's North Korean defectors, who have something in common with Pyongyang's hometown, only talked about 'how North Korean refugees live in South Korea' and 'work part-time late at night after school study'.

Some media reports, such as me and Jung Dae-hyup, 'to support money and to encourage North Korea' to North Korean defectors, are all false again.

Next, I will talk about the suspicion that I used my personal name account to collect funds and use them for personal benefit.

In the course of Jeong Dae-hyup, a total of nine projects were raised with four accounts in my personal name.

If it wasn't for the whole grandmother, I raised money to my personal account, the representative.

It was a special case, so now, it was a mistake to use my personal account.

However, in the case of raising the funeral expenses for the old grandmother Kim Bok-dong, it was not appropriate to use the account of Jeong Dae-hyup because the Citizen Funeral Commission without legal status was hosting the funeral, and it was customary to use a lot of personal name accounts to open a passbook in my name.

The first fundraising was the 'Butterfly Fund' to support victims of wartime sexual assault since 2012.

In addition to this, there were grandmother Gil Won-ok, grandmother Kim Bok-dong, fundraising for the United States and Europe campaigns, fundraising to support the water purification tank in Vinh Binh Province, Vietnam, fundraising to support the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam Hoh An Genocide, Ahn Jeom-soon, and Kim Bok-dong's funeral fundraising.

In order to raise temporary donations or funeral expenses, accounts of group representatives' personal names were often used, and I also seemed to have no problem.

I'm sorry to have acted with the idea that you don't have any problems with the amount.

I used to settle my own way to cover the expenses required for the business and transfer the remaining money to the Jung Daehyup account.

I am ashamed of myself.

However, just because I raised through my personal account does not mean that I have used the money in my account personally.

We reviewed the transaction details of the four accounts used as fundraising accounts one by one since the recent issue.

As a result, it was confirmed that about 280 million won was collected through nine fundraising on account details, the amount of money used for the purpose of raising was about 330 million won, and the remaining about 50 million won was used for the Dae Daehyup project.

While transferring funds, almost all the reasons for the transfer were booked in the summary column, and the status of each transaction can be understood.

As a result, it was determined as a result of comparing gross income and total expenditure.

Since there are a lot of transactions in the period of more than 6 years from 2014, we cannot tell you the details in detail here, but since it is one of the accused facts, we will elaborate in detail in the investigation process.

I'm going to talk about the suspicion that my family bought 5 homes in cash, including the auction purchase of Geumgok LG Apartments in Suwon, Gwonseon-gu, where I live.

From the conclusion, there is no such thing.

As a result of this, I looked at the details of the past cash flows in my account and my husband's account again.

First, it's about our couple's housing.

I understand that the three houses are Myeongjin Art Villa, a Korean apartment that I have already sold, and an El Gogok apartment that I currently live in.

In 1993, my husband and I joined the money to start a newlywed salary with 15 million won of charter funds.

From 1994 to 1997, she raised money while living free of charge at a church house where her pro-government mother lived, and in 1995, acquired Myungjin Art Villa for 45 million won.

In 1999, with the help of my husband and my husband's savings and my family, I bought a Korean apartment for 79 million won.

Myeongjin Art Villa was sold for 39.5 million won in 2002.

In 2012, the current Suwon Geumgok LG Apartment was acquired by auction.

At the time, my husband had cancer surgery, so I wanted to move to a more comfortable place.

Although Chilbosan was near and liked the apartment complex, it was too expensive.

My husband started to check the auction, saying that there may be some auction items because it is a complex with many households.

So now, the apartment was acquired by auction.

The acquisition price was 260 million won.

After one visit, we bid alone on the second auction.

I do not know the auction process, my husband did.

The funds were settled with the deposits I had, my husband's money, and the money I borrowed from my family.

It was after 2014 that my personal account and Jeong Dae-hyup account were mixed.

The current acquisition of the apartment auction took place in 2012.

The claim that the donation was useful is not true at all.

The existing Korean apartment was sold in 2013, and the market price rose by 110 million won for 14 years, and the sale amount was 1,89.5 million won.

The money borrowed from this money was repaid and some of the remaining money was saved.

Let me tell you about my husband's villa in Hamyang.

The elder sister who lived in a farm house in the name of his sister-in-law sold it for 100 million won in 2017 after her father-in-law died, and bought a villa in Hamyang, where her mother-in-law is comfortable to live alone, for 85 million won.

The balance is held by my spouse and deposited on my account on April 19, 2018.

This is my father-in-law's apartment.

My father lived as a church deacon for about 22 years and lived in a church house.

As the cost of housing was not high, he saved even more, and received 22 years of severance pay at the same time, and bought the apartment he currently lives in for 47 million won.

Buying a home for me and my family is in no way related to Jeong Dae-hyeop activities.

Family Suspicion (Daughter Confucianism) I would like to talk about the suspicion that the source of money used to study in the United States for daughters studying abroad is the source of money, and that I was embezzling money for the daughter Confucianism.

Most of the money spent on studying in the United States was financed by the husband's criminal compensation and compensation.

The other lack of money was covered by my money and my family's money.

For reference, the total amount of criminal compensation and damages received by my husband and my family is about 240 million won.

I have a long habit of saving when I get paid.

It was my own minimalistic way of life to dream of a home, the daughter's tuition, and a little more stable life.

In addition, special income such as lectures, manuscripts and book taxes have been donated through the activities of Jeong-Yeon and Jeong-Dae.

I have sincerely spoken of the lack of suspicion so far.

You may want to learn more, but please understand that we are currently in the process of a prosecution investigation.

■ Final Words
Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by failing to meet the expectations and cheers of the people and the victims.

We will make a thorough call to avoid becoming embarrassed by the grandmothers of the victims and embarrassed by the history of the 30-year-old Jeong Dae-hyeop movement.

If there is a mistake, we will take the corresponding responsibility.

However, we ask you to stop the damages and distortions that undermine the achievements of the victims, the people, and Dae Dae-hyup / Jui-Yeon Jeong and the defamation of the Japanese comfort women victims.

There are only 17 survivors of the Japanese comfort women.

When one more person lives, I will do my best with the people who sent support and support from all over the world and the people to find out the truth, fulfill the responsibility of the Japanese government, and prevent recurrence in an irreversible way.

I would like to work harder than the past 30 years to fulfill the will of the grandmothers who have acted as peace activists as women's rights activists, such as grandmother Kim Bok-dong and grandmother Hak-soon Kim, along with efforts to unravel the thread entangled in my legislative activities.

Again, we come across the claim that the 2015 ROK-Japan Comfort Women Settlement Agreement was justified, and we will try again to avoid repeating the history of such humiliation in our history.

We will also seek ways to prevent the recurrence of sexual violence in the exhibition.

The lack of points will be clarified without suspicion through a prosecution investigation and further explanation.

We will do our vocation and work responsibly until the people understand it.

Thank you very much for listening to the end.