A case of controversy was raised on social media after congratulating the star of "La casa de papel", the famous Spanish Enrique Arce, for the Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan, on the occasion of his birthday on May 23.

The controversy may be due to the nature of the congratulations or the relationship between them, after accusing Muhammad Ramadan of paying money to a platform specializing in paid remuneration by celebrities around the world, known as "Starzly" in order to obtain this private video, for approximately 150 US dollars.

Enrique Arce congratulates Ramadan

Ramadan was congratulated by the famous Spanish star in the Arab world as "Arturo Roman", and published it on his personal page on Instagram, where the Spanish artist appeared on the occasion of Ramadan, saying, "Muhammad Ramadan, I know you know me, and I realize that you also hate me from (case case papel), But I know that you are a comprehensive first-class actor, and the best actor in the Arab world, so I congratulate you on your birthday, and I hope to meet you one day, and to work with you in the future. ”Ramadan replied to him,“ Thank you, brother. ”

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A beautiful message from the actor Enrique Arce who played Arturo Román in the global series money heist #lacasadepapel Thank you bro @enriquearceactor 🙏🏽 ♥ ️ @redone

A post shared by Mohamed Ramadan 🌍🇪🇬 (@mohamedramadanws) on May 27, 2020 at 3:57 am PDT

The audience reveals the trick

This congratulations did not go unnoticed, as all the comments drew that the video posted on the Ramadan page includes the logo of the "Starzly" website on the video, a site that specializes in paid remuneration by celebrities in the world, and that Arsi charges about $ 100 USD on the video the one.

After the attack and the mockery of Ramadan increased, the star deleted the post from its page, and made it another clip without the famous website's logo.

New video to answer the skeptics

To deny the matter, Ramadan returned and published a new video for Arcy, but this time the website's logo did not appear, and Ramadan wrote a comment to thank his friend, Moroccan music producer Radwan, because he was the reason to know the Spanish actor.

In the video, the Spanish actor appears talking and explains what happened, as he communicated with "Radwan", who told him about Ramadan, and in turn continued his account on Instagram, explaining that he wishes to meet him and work with him, and wished him all the best, and concluded his statement with the phrase "Eid Mubarak."

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Thanks to my friend @redone as he let me personally know such a talented actor like you. And we gonna work together soon #moneyheist #lacasadepapel #arturoroman #enriquearce

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ARCI pay after Ramadan crisis

Lord, harmful and beneficial, this is what happened between Muhammad Ramadan and the star of "Lacasa de Babylon", as the price of Arsi on the site rose, and congratulations from him increased for many audiences, demanding to congratulate them on their birthday and special occasions, compared to 150 dollars, after it was one hundred dollars An American before the crisis, according to "Starzly", and his number of Instagram followers also increased.