Deconfinement, phase 2: highly anticipated announcements by Edouard Philippe

Edouard Philippe will present this Thursday, May 28, the measures of the second phase of deconfinement in France. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

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The French government will present this Thursday afternoon, May 28, the measures of the second phase of deconfinement. Announcements regarding bars and restaurants, as well as travel limits, are expected.


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Less red and more green. This is what the second map of France should look like, according to the entourage of Edouard Philippe. Along with several ministers, the head of government is expected this Thursday to further relax the rules in force since May 11 and the end of confinement.

High schools, cafes and restaurants, but also parks and gardens could reopen from June 2 in green areas. Gatherings of more than 10 people may also be allowed again. The French would have the opportunity to move beyond the 100 kilometers around their home. The government should also say more about the summer vacation.

For this second phase, the state of mind in Matignon is also green. The deconfinement is going pretty well. The resuscitation and contamination figures are good,  "judges a counselor, who immediately tempers:"  It is still too early to say that the hardest is behind us  ". The coronavirus epidemic has claimed an additional 66 deaths in the past 24 hours, while 1,501 Covid-19 patients were receiving intensive care on Wednesday, 54 fewer than the previous day.

Be on the look-out

A few hours before these announcements, the tourism and catering sectors are on the alert: will they be able to welcome customers again on June 2 while respecting strict sanitary measures? And which ones? The distance to respect between each customer or each table is already debated. Four square meters, one meter, 10 people no more per table? Will bars and restaurants have to set up protective barriers in plexiglass?

The first thing I expect is to know when we will be able to reopen in Ile-de-France which is in the red zone. We would like it to happen quickly, but without risking the health of employees and customers.

The expectations of Amandine Carreau, head of the Noisette restaurant in Paris

Pierre Olivier

Right now, payment by bank card would be preferred to avoid transmitting the virus through money and banknotes. The 2 million employees in the sector would also have the obligation to wash their hands every half hour.

The hotels were not forced to close, but 90% of them did, due to a lack of customers. They will probably have to install a protective barrier at the reception and a traffic line to avoid crossings. They should also reinforce the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, switches, door handles, in particular.

Finally, the 8,000 campsites in France, number one in summer accommodation, leisure parks, cinemas and the live entertainment world hope to reopen on June 2 in green areas. Puy du Fou, Futuroscope and Walibi parks did not wait for the Prime Minister's announcements to discuss reopening dates.

I hope June 2. Anyway, everything is ready. My orders are placed, my suppliers deliver. So we frankly hope to reopen the two. Otherwise, we will get very angry.

The impatience of restaurateurs in the green zone

Anthony Lattier

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