• Case Rsa, Procura Bergamo calls Fontana and Gallera
  • Coronavirus, serological test in Alzano and Nembro: 61% positive
  • RSA, 34 other coronavirus deaths in Trivulzio facilities in May
  • Investigation RSA, Trivulzio nurse at pm: without protections for 2 months. Shared meals
  • Investigations on the RSAs of Milan. Listen to Ats and Region officials


May 28, 2020

"It is a due act. The judiciary is deepening and we are informed of the facts. I am not worried." Giulio Gallera, Lombard councilor for Welfare, is heard in the prosecutor's office in Bergamo - as reported by the Bergamo Eco site - as a witness in the investigation into the management related to the coronavirus emergency. Waiting for him, the deputy mayor of Valbondione Walter Semperboni waiting for him, who followed him to the entrance of the prosecutor. "I ask for his resignation, he never answered my questions," says the deputy mayor who lost his father to Covid 19 in the past few weeks.

Gallera, who arrived at the prosecutor around 5 pm, is heard by the pool of public prosecutors coordinated by the prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota who investigates the reopening of the emergency room of the Alzano hospital and the management of patients in the RSA.

Like Gallera, the president of the Lombardy region Attilio Fontana will soon be heard as people informed of the facts, in particular in reference to the failure to establish the red zone in Alzano and Nembro at the beginning of March. Previously, the Director General of Welfare Luigi Cajazzo has already been heard in the prosecution to shed light on the same investigation.