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ETA prisoner Patxi Ruiz is in quarantine back in Murcia II prison after his brief stay in a hospital, where he was diagnosed with mild dehydration due to the hunger strike that started in mid-May and sparked a campaign. sabotage of groups close to the hardest sector of the group of prisoners of the terrorist group.

According to sources familiar with the inmate's medical and prison situation, Patxi Ruiz requested the voluntary discharge on Friday around 18:00 because she wanted to return to the prison to watch television and be able to smoke . In addition, after assessing the doctors that he had a slight dehydration, he has also started drinking.

The prisoner is currently in the specific module of Murcia II to prevent the spread of Murcia coronavirus. The protest began in mid-May as a complaint by the management of the prison center management to comply with the common protocol in all prisons to prevent the spread of the virus.

Patxi Ruiz is a troubled and unstable prisoner - he has a long history of sanctions and prison records - serving time for his involvement in the murder of UPN councilman Tomás Caballero . After requesting a report by the National Court for a complaint from his lawyer, he was only in the hospital for a few hours, where he was transferred late on Thursday in the ambulance and in police custody.

Her hunger strike has been claimed by a sector of the minority abertzale left, but faced with the official line, to launch a campaign in favor of ETA prisoners that includes attacks on party headquarters and private homes such as the leader's from the PSE, Idoia Mendia .

Sources familiar with the situation of this prisoner point out that his file in prison has multiple incidents of plants, insults, coercion and attacks, including other inmates. There are also penalties for introducing prohibited material. Patxi Ruiz, who entered prison for the first time in 1996, is considered a conflictive prisoner and emotionally unstable, ignored by other inmates of the gang who are also serving sentences in Murcia II.

After his silent protest in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, which had the support of an anarchist group in Murcia, the prison leadership decided to change its module, although sending it to another that is also respected. Patxi Ruiz is classified in the first degree or closed regime, so her life in prison is restricted and she sleeps alone in a cell.

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